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Chamblee: Rory should be 'wary' of Tiger's example in gym

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Updated 8:45 p.m. ET

Rory McIlroy - and Gary Player - responded to Chamblee's comments. Click here for their social media takes.

Original story:

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says that he has concerns that Rory McIlroy could follow Tiger Woods’ destructive path if he continues his “extensive weightlifting.”

In a NBC Sports conference call previewing the Florida swing, Chamblee said that the “only thing that gives me concern” about McIlroy, 26, is the pounding that he puts on his body in the gym. 

“I say it with a lot of trepidation, because it’s a different era for sure,” Chamblee said, “and I don’t know the full extent of what he’s doing, but when I see the things he’s doing in the gym, I think of what happened to Tiger Woods. And I think more than anything of what Tiger Woods did early in his career with his game was just an example of how good a human being can be, what he did towards the middle and end of his career is an example to be wary of. That’s just my opinion. And it does give me a little concern when I see the extensive weightlifting that Rory is doing in the gym.”

“Thus far,” he added, “there’s been no signs that it’s adversely affected his game.”

McIlroy, who has developed a sculpted physique in recent years, was featured on the cover of Men’s Health last spring and has appeared in numerous Nike commercials. 

Swing coach Butch Harmon, who doesn't work with McIlroy, also expressed concern about McIlroy’s physique, saying last year that he could “almost hurt yourself in the gym if you get too bulky.” 

The world No. 3 is in the field this week at the Northern Trust Open, his first PGA Tour start of 2016.