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Chamblee: Tiger a 'put-back-together 40-year-old man'

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Now that the initial shock of watching Tiger Woods swing a golf club "in public" for the first time in six months has worn off, attention has turned to the swing itself.

On a Thursday edition of "Golf Central," Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee was asked if he thinks Tiger, based admittedly on one 13-second Twitter video, is headed in the right direction.

"It’s hard to say. Again, none of us know the extent of his recovery, [or] what’s going on with him, as secretive as he’s been about so many different parts of his health. None of us can say," Chamblee said.

"But I can say that looks like an injured and a put-back-together 40-year-old man. He has a very short, quick golf swing. He doesn’t look like he’s ready for tournament play."

There remains no official timetable for a Woods return, and the idea that Woods could miss an entire year seems at least possible.

Asked about his thoughts on a potential return to competitive play for Tiger, Chamblee added:

“He’s been down the road of coming back from injury many, many times already, since 2010. I think, reading between the lines, he’s more inclined to take the year off. Well, actually, seeing the golf swing makes you think perhaps not. But I do believe we’re going to see when he does come back, he’ll be as prepared as he’s ever been post-surgery, post-injury, I think."