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Clinton: Golf 'best therapy a president can have'

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President Barack Obama – and every golf-loving commander-in-chief before him – has taken a lot of grief for his numerous trips to the course.

But former President Bill Clinton said Sunday golf is a great release for the high-stress job of running the country.

"I think golf is about the best therapy a president can have,” Clinton said during an interview in the booth with Golf Channel's Rich Lerner and Nick Faldo. "It’s not like they can’t get in touch with anybody in the world. I’ve had any number of international conversations on the phone on the golf course."

It's also important to remember Obama's played more than 200 rounds of golf in office, which is a far cry from President Dwight Eisenhower (more than 800 rounds) and Woodrow Wilson (more than 1,000).

Check out the full interview with President Clinton below: