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Davies rejects her own hall of fame bid

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Laura Davies hears those rallying in belief that if she wins the inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open on Sunday, she should finally be rewarded with a place in the LPGA Hall of Fame.

But she doesn’t agree.

“I don't think so, no,” Davies said after building a five-shot lead Saturday at Chicago Golf Club.

Why not?

“Because you're not up against the absolute best players in the world,” she said. “You're up against the best 50-plus players in the world, and it doesn't really have bearing on the LPGA Hall of Fame, I don't think.”

They LPGA Hall of Fame is points based, one of the most difficult in sport to gain entry into.

Davies is two points short of the 27 required to gain entry.

Winning an LPGA major counts as two points.

Full-field scores from the U.S. Senior Women’s Open

So if the U.S. Senior Women’s Open counted as an LPGA major, she would qualify, but it doesn’t count.

Davies, 54, is in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Juli Inkster, 58, is in both the LPGA and World Golf halls of fame. She wishes Davies were in both.

“If anybody is going to be in the LPGA Hall of Fame, she's pretty impressive and deserves to be in there.” Inkster said. “But, I mean, it's not easy to win any tournament, and so this is a USGA event. Probably the field is not the strongest, but I think down the line, it'll probably get a lot stronger.”