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Furyk: 'Totally my decision' to split Spieth and Reed

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SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES, France – One of the biggest surprises for the U.S. team at the Ryder Cup was captain Jim Furyk’s decision to split Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed, the American side’s most productive duo in recent years.

Spieth and Reed have a 7-1-3 record in team play at the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, but Furyk sent Spieth out with Justin Thomas. Spieth and Thomas won three of their four team matches, as Reed struggled alongside Tiger Woods, failing to win a point in the team sessions.

“We were totally involved with every decision that was made,” Spieth said. “We had two potentially fantastic teams, and we went out confidently and tried to play our best.”

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Furyk, who is certain to be criticized for his decision to split the Americans, explained the he paired Spieth and Reed in the same pod during practice rounds but felt confident with the groups he eventually sent out.

“Jordan and Patrick have been great in the past. I felt like we had two great pairings out of it,” he said. “So it was totally my decision and my call.”

Reed was also asked his thoughts on not playing with Spieth but was never given an opportunity to answer. Earlier on Sunday, Reed’s wife, Justine, seemed to suggest on Twitter that the split was Spieth’s doing.

“Patrick never said that he didn’t want to play with Jordan. Maybe you should ask Jordan why he didn’t want to play with Patrick,” she tweeted.