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'Get a life': DeLaet unloads on fantasy owners

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Back in the good old (pre-Twitter) days, when a Tour player had a bad round or got disqualified or withdrew, the only people who might have been let down were his friends and family. That's a distant memory. In today's 140-character universe, you have to consider your Twitter followers, because they sure as heck are going to let you know how they feel about you.

This leads us to Graham DeLaet, who withdrew from The Northern Trust on Friday, citing a back injury. One of his Twitter followers, a fantasy golf player, expressed his extreme disappointment, tweeting "Second week in a row I've had a guy withdraw after one round of PGA."

DeLaet wasted no time explaining that he has no time for fantasy golf players.

When a second fantasy player tried to get involved, DeLaet let him have it, too.

We're pretty confident that DeLaet is not alone in his attitude. The only other response we can think of that he could have made is to tell the fantasy players that when they start sending him a portion of whatever money they make on him, then he'll give them some consideration.

That, however, is never going to happen.