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Greenbrier under 3 feet of mud after West Va. flood

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Updated: 2:45 p.m.

Per PGA Tour official Ken Tackett, The Greenbrier Resort, the site of the Tour's Greenbrier Classic in just two weeks, is under 3 feet of mud Friday after torrential flooding ripped through West Virginia on Thursday.

NBC News reported Friday evening more than 20 people have died, while hundreds of thousands remain without power.

Bubba Watson on Thursday posted this video of floodwaters covering the The Old White TPC course, leaving it and much of the rest of the property submerged.

Rusty Udy of the Register-Herald tweeted out this aerial view of the property:

Jim Justice, owner and CEO of The Greenbrier, has released the following statement:

A guest on Morning Drive on Friday, Tackett offered the following look at the state and the property:

"The state is absolutely turned upside down right now," he said. "Several fatalities around the state; flooding of just epic proportion; homes washing away, floating down the streams and rivers; road closures, you know, destroyed down to one lane; mudslides. ... It’s just unbelievable, the images I’m getting back right now."

"Everybody’s belongings are all over the golf course, from grills and tires and kayaks and snowboards and skis and lawnchairs and trash, automobiles, golf carts are all over the place. It’s tragic … the magnitude of the flooding."

As for what to do about the golf course and the tournament, Tackett and Justice have both stated that the primary focus is on aiding those residents impacted by the floods. 

"At this point, it’s just too early to tell. We’re still in the assessing moments of, ‘Where are we?’ [We’re] rallying around the community, first and foremost. … As [Justice] said, the golf course and the golf tournament is secondary."