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Herman (67) on golf with Trump, inauguration

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KAPALUA, Hawaii – Jim Herman has lived an interesting life the past month. That continued Thursday at the SBS Tournament of Champions and will continue at least for another two weeks.

Herman, 39, played golf with President-elect Donald Trump in South Florida just before Christmas. The two have known each other since Herman was a professional at Trump’s course in New Jersey 10 years ago. On Thursday at Kapalua, Herman shot 67 and is in contention. He’s also been invited to join Trump at the inauguration on January 20.

Other than that…

“We had a great day,” Herman said about the pre-Christmas round. “We were partners. We took on three members of the club and we were victorious.

“It’s a fun time. He’s a competitor and he love to play the game of golf.”

They were supposed to play again a couple days later but “that did not happen” Herman said. “He was pulled away from the golf course for more important things.”

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About the inauguration: “We’re really looking forward to it, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve spent a lot of time with the President-elect before he was President, and I’ve played a lot of golf with him.

“He’s the same guy to me but now I get to call him Mr. President.”