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Hole in what?! Watch Pepperell's unique ace

Getty Images

Eddie Pepperell could stand on a par-3 and hit balls for the rest of his life, and he would never pull this off again.

Pepperell aced Walton Heath's ninth hole Thursday at the British Masters when his ball hit the green, jumped in the air, ricocheted off the flagstick, flew backwards, then hopped forward - and in.

If you're still wondering what the heck just happened, here's a slo-mo gif:

In an interview with Sky Sports coming off the 10th tee, Pepperell was informed he had just won $20,000 for charity.

"Yeah, it's awesome," he said. "Well I say I'd rather do that than win a car, but that might be a lie. ... I'm kidding, of course.

He followed up with this tweet confirming he was, indeed, kidding.