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How does 145-pound Thomas drive it so far? 'No clue'

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KAPALUA, Hawaii – At 5-foot-10 and 145 pounds, Justin Thomas hits the ball far. He has no interest in knowing why.

Granted the ball travels further here at Kapalua for the SBS Tournament of Champions, but his average driving distance after three rounds is 311 yards.

“I have no clue,” Thomas said Saturday after shooting a third consecutive 67 to lead by two shots. “I’ve been told I use the ground well. The fact that I’m probably almost in the air when I make contact probably doesn’t hurt anything.”

Thomas doesn’t care to remember much from his junior golf days, but the truth is there were several par 4s a round that he couldn’t reach and he’d have to hit a driver off the tee on a par 3 usually at least once a round.

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“I just had to rely on my short game and try to get up and down,” he said.

Those days aren’t too terribly far behind him but Thomas no longer has distance issues. He recalls hitting the ball a little longer in his junior and senior years of high school and then, in college at Alabama, with the help of weight training, he began to really explode through the ball.

Other than that he has no real explanation for how he creates so much power.

“I’m pleased with it, whatever it is,” he said.