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How far can Trump drive the ball? Lexi has the answer

Getty Images

As a member at Donald Trump's golf club in West Palm Beach, Lexi Thompson occassionally tees it up with the owner and GOP front-runner for president.

She told Yahoo! Sports Trump is known to hit his drives about 250 yards – line drives with plenty of roll. Not yuuuuge, like the 280 yarders Trump has recently referred to, but certainly impressive since Trump will celebrate his 70th birthday in June.

Trump told Golf Channel on Sunday at Doral that the last time he played golf was two weeks ago with Thompson for nine holes.

"I played OK," Trump said. "I was surprised I played OK, because I didn't think I'd play OK at all."

Thompson told Yahoo! that unlike previous rounds with Trump, there were Secret Service agents surrounding their group. And despite some of the controversial remarks Trump has made on the campaign trail, Thompson said she doesn't weigh in on politics and the real-estate mogul has always treated her family well.

"What you get on TV is what you get in real life," Thompson said. "He's very upbeat and he says what's on his mind. That's what about people love about him."