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Hull experienced winning at Turnberry ... at 9 years old

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TURNBERRY, Scotland – England’s Charley Hull didn’t play the Ricoh Women’s British Open when it was staged at Turnberry in 2002, but she knows what it’s like to win on the course.

She was 9 when she whipped the adult trying to beat her in a playoff in the final of a British/Irish amateur event.

“She was like 35,” Hull said.

Hull, 19, remembers some of that week, but it won’t help her tactically this week.

“I’m taking completely different lines,” Hull said.

Back then, Hull said she hit her drives about 130 yards. She hits them a lot farther now.

Hull is a lot more motivated to play in the elements this week than she was as a 9-year-old. She hated playing in the lousy conditions she faced back then.

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“It was raining, and I remember just wanting to come in and play my Nintendo DS,” Hull said. “I had to go out in a playoff, and a member was like, `No, Charley, you've got to go out and play.’ And I was like, `I don't want to. I want to carry on playing this.’”

Hull expects she also is more fit to handle any foul weather this week.

“I don't remember too much of it,” Hull said of her victory at Turnberry. “It was a really windy and rainy day. It was like 50‑mile‑per‑hour winds and I fell over. The wind blew me over on the 11th hole, the par 3.”