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Japan event suspended after N. Korea missile launch

Matthew Griffin at the 2017 New Zealand Open.
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Matthew Griffin at the 2017 New Zealand Open. (Getty Images  - 

Updated at 8:50 a.m. ET:

Matthew Griffin joined "Morning Drive" on Friday to discuss what it was like upon learning the Japan Golf Tour event in which he was competing was temporarily suspended because North Korea launched a missile in Japan airspace.

Original story:

The second round of the Japan Golf Tour’s ANA Open was temporarily suspended after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over the country.

According to reports, the missile, the second North Korea has fired over Japan airspace, reached an altitude of 470 miles and travelled 2,300 miles before landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Australian Matthew Griffin, who is competing in the event, tweeted:

Griffin was also quoted in the Herald Sun as saying, “We woke this morning to an alert text message that said North Korea had launched a ballistic missile.

"They've suspended play at the course for a while and we'll just wait and see what they decide to do.

"Fortunately, it flew well over the top and fortunately it's not too close to us at this stage.

"Over the last few months I guess tensions just gradually increased and you keep thinking or you hope that nothing will ever happen."

The second round was completed at the Sapporo Golf Club.