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Ko not worried about Zika, plans for Rio Olympics

Getty Images

SAMMAMISH, Wash. – Rolex world No. 1 Lydia Ko’s Olympic ambitions aren’t deterred by the Zika virus.

Ko says the spread of the mosquito-borne illness in Brazil isn’t giving her second thoughts about competing there for her native New Zealand in August.

“I'm more excited about the Olympics, about the ceremony, about just being in that Olympic vibe than worrying about the Zika virus,” Ko said. “There are so many experts that are taking care of all that. We've got a great team of people that are doing that.

“So for us, it's more important that we enjoy it and we're excited about it. And to all the girls that I've talked to, that's kind of the response. We're all excited to go to Brazil and represent our countries and be there amongst the other Olympians. It's unfortunate with what's happening with the Zika, but we all trust the people that are taking care of it. We've just got to trust them and it's in their hands now.”