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Kordas have fun paired in LPGA event for first time

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – The Korda sisters gave Kingsmill Championship fans something special to see early on Sunday.

Jessica, 24, and Nelly, 18, were paired together for the first time in an LPGA event.

They had some fun right from the get go, shaking hands as they left the first tee.

“She was like, 'Hi, my name’s Nelly,'” Jessica said. “And I’m like, 'Hi, I’m Jessica, it’s nice to meet you.'”

The sisters played to a draw, with both shooting 2-over-par 73 and tying for 31st.

The sisters have a season-long bet going, with the player who finishes highest on the final money list getting a hand bag of her choice, paid for by the sister who finishes lowest.

Through Sunday, Jessica’s 21st on the LPGA money list, Nelly 41st.

There was nothing else riding on Sunday’s outcome, however.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t play very well,” Jessica said. “But it was awesome getting to play together for the first time in an LPGA event.”