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Most-watched instruction videos on in 2015

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Check 'em out and get your game in shape: Our top 10 most-watched instruction videos of the year. Click here for our most-read stories and click here for our most-viewed news and entertainment videos.

1. How Butch Harmon altered Fowler's swing 

2. Haney: Increase club head speed

3. The Golf Fix: Learn to take a divot after the ball

4. GCA Extra: Daly practices putting with Diet Coke

5. Tebow time: Ball position and a 343-yard drive

6. School of Golf: The correct path to no slices

7. School of Golf Junior Academy: Chip it close

8. The Golf Fix: Improve your accuracy

9. Breed: Hit your driver longer, straighter

10. Golf Fix: Eliminate the snap hook