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Muirfield members 'banned' from bench by Edinburgh women

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Updated, 2:49 p.m. ET

Original story:

The male members of Muirfield Golf Club apparently have fewer sitting options in the Edinburgh area.

Earlier this year, the club failed to pass a vote that would have allowed the first female members in its history. While a second vote has been promised, the result of the first tally still resulted in Muirfield being pulled from The Open rota.

The vote also seems to have sparked a response from an unknown party in Edinburgh, who recently put a plaque on an area bench announcing that the seats were off-limits to Muirfield members:

The protest, however, appears to be short-lived. A spokesperson for the City of Edinburgh Council told BBC Scotland that the bench already has an existing dedication and "the plaque in question has been placed without permission and will be removed at the earliest opportunity."