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O'Meara thinks Woods will play Masters

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There's still no word on whether Tiger Woods will play next week's Masters, but here's another bit of speculation.

Speaking on Wednesday at a media preview for BlueJack National, Woods' first course design in the United States, Mark O'Meara said he believes Woods will indeed tee it up at Augusta National next Thursday.

"I think he’s going to play," O'Meara said. "He hasn’t made any comments about it. I know he played there [Tuesday]. I hope he plays. If he chooses not to I think it’s going to be a little disappointing for everyone, because everyone wants to see him play. Granted, he doesn’t want to play if he’s not prepared and doesn’t feel like he can compete at a level he wants to compete at."

O'Meara serves as a "course ambassador" for BlueJack National and went on to credit Woods for helping him win his two major titles in 1998 at the Masters and British Open. 

After stating that the game of golf needs Woods, O'Meara offered his thoughts on the microscope his "good friend" lives under, asking for patience and understanding.

"Anytime he tees it up, whatever tournament it is, all eyes are on him, all eyes are on what he does," O'Meara said. "So when you think about that, and he’s 39 years of age, the scrutiny, and tension, and pressure, no one’s had to live under what he has had to live under."

"So I think for the good of the game and for the good of him, if everybody would just take a step back and realize, 'Wait a minute, he is a human being and he has accomplished amazing things. He’s made golf better because he’s been on the scene, that if it takes him a little bit more time or whatever, [if'] he’s not quite perfect right away, that’s OK. Let’s give him a little bit of a chance and see how things pan out over the next couple of years."