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Palmer hands out beer money, shoots 64

Have a beer on Ryan Palmer
Getty Images

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Karma can show up in a variety of different ways on the golf course. For Ryan Palmer, it appears he’ll be paid back handsomely for giving some cash gifts to the crowd at TPC Scottsdale’s wild 16th hole on Thursday.

After his tee shot on the par-3, Palmer handed out a dozen $10 bills wrapped around golf balls with a message: “Have a beer on me!” Not long after, he was in the clubhouse with a 7-under 64 – the best score of the yet-to-be-completed opening round.

“It was a fun day; it was awesome,” he said. “I hit it great - drove well, hit my irons solid, kept it in the middle of the green when I needed to, made some good putts.”

He also made a lot of new fans.

Last year, Palmer tried to toss a handful of $20 bills into the stands, but encountered some issues with the wind. This time he got smarter and weighed ‘em down with golf balls.

“I don't know if $10 covers a beer here or not,” he laughed. “They got some change out of it, maybe.”