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Price continues to lobby Finchem for Prez Cup change

Nick Price
Getty Images

ORLANDO, Fla. – Following the U.S. team’s sixth consecutive victory at last year’s Presidents Cup, a commanding 18 1/2 to 15 1/2 performance, International captain Nick Price said changes were needed to make the matches more competitive.

Since then the 57-year-old has quietly lobbied PGA Tour commission Tim Finchem for the changes he hopes will give the International team a better chance to win for the first time since 1998.

Price, who captained the 2013 International team and was called back for a second turn next year in Korea, said he gave a proposal to Finchem in September 2012, but the only change the commissioner approved was to swap the order of play and allow four-ball sessions before foursomes action.

“Throw a dog a bone you know,” Price said on Sunday at the PNC Father/Son Challenge.

Price met with Finchem about six months ago to again lobby for change and said many of his players from the 2013 team wrote a letter to the commissioner requesting he approve a format adjustment as well.

Although Price was reluctant to go into details, the heart of his request centers on how many team matches are played at the Presidents Cup, 22 compared to 16 at the Ryder Cup.

“What the Ryder Cup has is that with 16 points in the team matches (four matches per session) it doesn’t really let one team run away with it,” Price said. “The USA is the stronger team, but I’m telling you now, with 16 points instead of 22 points in the team matches it allows for something to be exciting on Sunday.”

The Presidents Cup format includes six matches on Days 1 and 2 and five for Day 3’s four-ball and foursomes play.

“Whatever people say, ‘It’s nice. It’s a feel-good event.’ That’s fine, but we need competition. The International players want the competition. We don’t want to pitch up every year,” Price said.