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Proposal on table to increase Tour chances for graduates

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LOS ANGELES – When the PGA Tour transitioned to a split-calendar schedule and a FedEx Cup points-based exemption criteria, the circuit maintained a category for players who finished outside the top 125 in points but had made enough money to rank inside the top 125 in earnings.

That could end starting in the 2017-18 season if a proposal is passed next month by the policy board.

Players were informed via the monthly “green sheet” that removing the top 125 in earnings category will free up playing opportunities for players graduating from the Tour Finals.

The first two seasons (2013-14 and 2014-15) the top 125 earnings category was used by four players, who maintained their status via that exemption, but that number ballooned to seven players this season.

According to the memo sent to players, that’s 175 starts if those players average 25 events, starts that could be used by Tour grads.

“They’ve been doing it one way for so long and now they are doing it through FedEx Cup [points]. I kind of liked the original, but it doesn’t matter to me,” said MacKenzie, who finished 113th in earnings last year but 126th on the points list. “It would be easier if they had one category and I guess that’s what they are going towards with points.”

The Player Advisory Council supported the elimination of the earnings category and the proposal will go before the policy board on March 21 in Orlando, Fla.