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Report: Elkington's TV show to debut in July

Getty Images

Steve Elkington has gone silent on Twitter since his most recent foot-in-mouth message.

Elk hasn’t tapped out an original tweet since April 18 – which came less than two months after he wrote that gay NFL player Michael Sam was leading the “handbag throw” at the Combine – relying instead on retweets of pictures and links. 

The silence led to suggestions that he’d been fined or suspended by the Tour for numerous insensitive remarks in 140 characters or less, but now emerges another possible answer: He’s been busy planning his own TV show. 

Indeed, according to Dave Shedloski of Golf World, Elk’s show, “The Rural Golfer,” will debut in July. The 30-minute program will appear on RFD-TV Network, which reaches about 40 million homes, according to the report. 

Not surprisingly, the content on the show will be more subdued than many of Elk’s now-infamous Twitter-inspired controversies. According to the report, “Rural” will showcase golf courses across North America in addition to insights and observations from Elkington, instructor Mike Maves and Jackie Burke, who teamed with Elkington to found the website,

“We just want to go to these everyday places that unveil the love of the game and get right down to the heart of it and what lengths they’ll go in order to achieve it,” Elkington said, according to the report. “The stories that come out of that are amazing.”