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Report: Law enforcement 'skeptical' of Allenby story

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As the investigation continues into Robert Allenby's alleged kidnapping and robbery last week in Honolulu, Hawaiian police are reportedly questioning the Aussie's explanation of events.

According to a Hawaii News Now report, law enforcement officials are "skeptical" of Allenby's story in which he was kidnapped from a wine bar, beaten, robbed and dropped off miles away. The report notes that despite claims from the 43-year-old, Honolulu police have not opened cases for kidnapping or assault.

Instead, they have ongoing investigations for robbery and unauthorized use of a credit card - although it is reportedly "unlikely" that authorities will pursue the robbery charges because of a lack of evidence.

The only point on which there appears to be agreement is the credit card use, as surveillance video at nearby stores reportedly shows an unnamed individual purchasing more than $10,000 in goods with Allenby's card at several stores, including an Urban Outfitters and ABC liquor store in Waikiki.

The report also cites an unnamed law enforcement official who noted that a kidnapping the likes of which Allenby described would be unusual in Hawaii.

"This isn't Mexico with bands of criminals running around and kidnapping people," the source said. "Besides, kidnapping someone and throwing him in the trunk of a car is an awful lot of effort to go through to steal his wallet, cash and iPhone."

The report also cites law enforcement sources who claim that Allenby's facial injuries were "not consistent with an assault," but instead more likely "scrapes" from a fall. Earlier this week, a witness who reportedly found Allenby in the street claimed that the Aussie sustained his injuries from falling and hitting his head on a rock.