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Report: U.S. Ryder Cup team meeting turned ugly

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If you thought the U.S. Ryder Cup team's Sunday news conference was bad, you should have seen the meeting they had Saturday night.

According to an ESPN report, things spiraled downward for an already-in-trouble U.S. team during a team meeting at the end of Day 2, with the U.S. trailing Europe, 10-6, heading into Sunday singles. Per the report:

"Four sources who witnessed the proceedings in the U.S. team room at the Gleneagles Hotel said that Watson took no responsibility for any shortcomings, scoffed at a gift that the U.S. team members gave him, ridiculed several European team players and started the proceedings by denigrating the Americans' play that afternoon.

"You could have heard a pin drop in that room,'' one of those in attendance said. "He was pissed. It all went from there.''

The gift was reportedly a replica Ryder Cup signed by the players on the team, which Watson is said to have rebuffed, stating that it meant nothing to him unless the team won.

The report further details that Watson started off the meeting - in front of the player's wives, significant others, caddies and a few members of the PGA of America - by saying, "You stink at foursomes," before eventually ceding the floor to vice captains and other players, including Phil Mickelson, who attempted to change the mood and re-energize the team. 

Mickelson, of course, would go on to criticize Watson in a team news conference the following day, stating that the U.S. players were not involved in the decision-making process and that they lacked the sense of investment Paul Azinger instilled in the team in 2008. 

One of the sources told ESPN: "[Mickelson] was trying to lead the team and protect the team there when he put himself under the gun pretty good on Sunday night. He did that for a lot of people.''