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Streb one of the 'good guys'; has persevered

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It's often the second question I'll get asked while walking up the first fairway with a new playing partner who's just learned what I do for a living. Right after, "So, what's Tiger really like?" they'll turn to me, look me in the eye and ask, "Who are the nicest guys on Tour?"

I'll always give my usual response about 99 percent being great to work with in a professional capacity, then rattle off a few names. Inevitably, one I'll mention is Robert Streb, which usually warrants a blank stare and a shrug.

Apparently I'm not alone, though.

While social media shouldn't be considered the ultimate polling booth, some valuable information can be gleaned based on what's posted.

In the immediate aftermath of Streb's maiden PGA Tour victory on Sunday, his peers from both the big leagues and his not-so-long-ago mini-tour days let their fingers do the talking, sending an abundance of congratulatory tweets his way.

Streb isn't just a nice guy, though. He's also persevered. There have been too many times over the past few seasons when he's played the waiting game on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, hanging at a driving range in hopes of earning a spot in the field as an alternate, often only to find an early flight home when it didn't happen.

His first victory won't be seen as simply one for the nice guys. It will also serve as inspiration for those who have found themselves in similar situations over the years.