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Tour seeks to limit Singh's expert witnesses in court

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Attorneys for the PGA Tour notified the New York Supreme Court, on March 31, of the circuit’s plan to seek summary judgment in its ongoing lawsuit with Vijay Singh.

The Tour is looking to stop the discovery process involving expert witnesses or at least limit the number of expert witnesses Singh is allowed until the court can rule on a summary judgment request.

The case, filed in May 2013, claims the Tour’s suspension of Singh for an anti-doping violation was “arbitrary and in bad faith,” and also that Singh was subjected to “disparate treatment” when he was suspended for using deer-antler spray which contained a banned substance (IGF-1).

According to a letter sent to Judge Eileen Bransten, Singh plans to call an additional 12 expert witnesses, including a group of endocrinologists, financial experts and Greg Hopkins, the former CEO of Cleveland Golf/Srixon.

Singh’s lawyers responded to the claim last Friday, saying they offered to reduce the number of expert witnesses to seven but said, “the PGA Tour refused this offer.”