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Volcanic eruption covers PGA Tour Latinoamerica course

La Reunion Resort during the 2017 Latinoamerica Guatemala Stella Artois Open.
Getty Images

A massive volcanic eruption that blanketed areas of Guatemala over the weekend also impacted a nearby course that annually hosts a PGA Tour Latinoamerica event.

The "Volcan de Fuego," or Volcano of Fire, erupted Sunday afternoon and sent plumes of ash and smoke that covered the ground for miles. It left at least 65 people dead, with thousands more displaced or otherwise impacted across Guatemala.

Included among that swath of impact is La Reunion Resort in Fuego Maya, which hosted a LatinoAmerica tournament in mid-March that was won by American Ben Polland. According to a SwingBySwing report, the resort is only six miles away from the volcano and describes its location on its website as "nestled in the shadow of four majestic volcanoes."

Here's a look at some video of the eruption as seen from the course, as well as before and after shots that demonstrate the devastation of the eruption: