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What makes a good course logo? Blair dishes

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WILMINGTON, N.C. – Zac Blair is something of an aspiring golf course architect and takes a particular interest in course logos, including the logo for his own future design, The Buck Club, he plans to build in Utah.

On Friday, he took that interest to social media, asking his followers to vote for their favorite logos.

“A lot of people love Pine Valley (N.J.), Maidstone (N.Y.) gets a ton, Burning Tree (Md.), that’s one of my favorites. Fishers Island (N.Y.) is one that a lot of people like,” Blair said. “There are so many, there are 30 I’d never even heard of that were really cool.”

Following his third round at the Wells Fargo Championship on Saturday, where he is tied for eighth and just three shots off the lead, Blair described, as only he could, what makes a good course logo.

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“A good golf course,” he said. “If you have a great golf course and you have a decent logo people are going to be like, ‘Man, that’s a cool logo.’ If you have a crappy course, even if you have a cool logo, I feel like it’s hard to be behind it.

“Think about the Yankees, everyone loves that logo. But it’s just a ‘N’ and a ‘Y.’ But the Yankees were so good for so long that it’s an iconic logo because the team is so good. If the Houston Astros were like the Yankees, everyone would be like, ‘That’s a sweet logo.’”