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1912: A Year That Changed the Game

One hundred years ago, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Sam Snead were born. is celebrating this anniversary with a four-part series, entitled '1912: A Year That Changed the Game,' beginning March 13. With a look at the relationships among the three icons and individual insight, our writers offer readers an in-depth look at who these three men were – beyond the records and historical facts.

The numbers are staggering: 198 combined PGA Tour wins, 21 combined major titles. One captured more victories than any other man in Tour – perhaps world – history. One man won more events consecutively and in one season than anyone else ever has or ever will. And one authored the greatest career comeback – and arguably the greatest swing – golf has ever known.

You know these things. Everyone knows these things. They are ingrained in our minds, forever captured in grainy footage and black-and-white photos. We’ve heard the stories, passed down from grandfather to father to son.

But there is more. There are the stories from those who knew these three men, stories that define who they were more so than what they accomplished.

Senior writers Rex Hoggard and Jason Sobel traveled to Fort Worth, Texas, going their separate ways, to profile Hogan and Nelson, respectively. Editorial manager Mercer Baggs went to Hot Springs, Va., to focus on Snead. And senior writer Randall Mell talked to fellow pros and friends who chronicled their relationships and legacies.

In all, there are four fantastic features which provide readers with a rare look at the make-up, friendship and impact of Hogan, Nelson and Snead.

Overview: 1912: A Year That Changed the Game

Mell: Sultans of swing

Video: The stories behind the stories

Byron Nelson

Sobel: Golf's gentleman

Sobel: Nelson the inspiration for Iron Byron

Audio: Nelson's widow, Peggy, on 'Morning Drive'

Nelson photo gallery

Sam Snead

Baggs: Fact, fiction and legend

Baggs: Snead had the sweetest swing

Audio: Snead's son, Jack, on 'Morning Drive'

Snead photo gallery

Ben Hogan

Hoggard: Of myth and man

Hoggard: Hogan's swing a lesson for a lifetime

Hogan photo gallery

Audio: Hogan's relationship with Shady Oaks