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By Golf Channel DigitalApril 5, 2001, 4:00 pm
TGC_COM - Today's Live Chat with TGC Analyst Adam Barr will begin at 11:00AM ET. Feel free to post your questions now and we will hold them until Adam arrives.
TGC_COM - It's almost time to start our chat with Adam Barr. Please post your Masters question for Adam who is at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.
TGC_COM - OK let's get started!
Adam_B - Hello, from Augusta where some possibly suprising contests have gone into the lead early. Including Chris DiMarco who is 4 under at the turn.
Adam_B - Amateur James Driscoll is 3 under after 4 holes!
Sconset - Adam where are you on the course and what have you seen so far?
Adam_B - Actually, I'm not on the course right now I'm in the Golf Channel production trailer as there are no cell phones on the course
Adam_B - But I have been in the gates over the past couple of days, there should be a special shade of green called 'Augusta Green'
Adam_B - The course is immaculate. In general, the players are pleased with the conditions.
BillFlgn - Adam do the announcers get tired of discussing Tiger. We hear about the level of frustration in the pleayers but, I never hear about the announcers perspective on this unique phenom
Adam_B - Depends on the announcer. Most of them are too excited to even get close to being bored.
Adam_B - You get some grumblings occassionally. But most reporters are happy to be covering one of the biggest stories in sports!
BillFlgn - What are they saying about the green speed this morning?
Adam_B - The greens are the usual Augusta fast. The air is moist, the greens are not even close to crusty as the hummidity is keeping them fresh.
sconset - Adam do you know anything about the Champions Dinner; What was served? How it was received? Who attended? Mood, tone of the dinner?
Adam_B - I heard the Champions Dinner was really good this year - enjoyed by all!
Adam_B - Vijay served a number of Thai delicacies.
Adam_B - I'm told a number of former champions enjoyed dinner so much that they would not mind if Vijay won again!
BillFlgn - As shafts continue to change do you see Tiger/Ernie/etc. switching from metal shafts. What would that do to their lengths off the tee??
Adam_B - No. Somebody with Tiger's kind of swing speed really can't go with anything softer than steel.
Adam_B - Tiger would bend a graphite shaft so much that it would hurt him more than help him.
Adam_B - Besides, modern steel shafts are so much better than they were 10 years ago, players have more selections to choose from.
sconset - I heard a bit about Jack on Masters Radio. How does he look how is he hititng it?
Adam_B - I have not seen Jack hit the ball this week, but he looks like the healthiest 61 year old I've ever seen.
Adam_B - Clearly, Jack gets energized for this event and he will continue to as long as he can walk.
TGC_COM - Thanks for joining us today. Please post your questions for TGC's Adam Barr.
BillFlgn - Thank you Adam - this has been nice
sconset - Adam speaking of shafts and clubs is Taylormade still sticking to their decision to not allow retailers to sell product via the internet?
Adam_B - As far as I know, Taylor Made is sticking with that decision. About only 1% of club sales are over the internet.
Adam_B - A lot of companies are waiting to see the future of internet retailing before finalizing their policies.
Malgolf - Who is your pick to win the green jacket this week?
Adam_B - I'm sticking with Phil Mickelson.
Adam_B - Of course, it's harder to pick golfers than it is to pick horses in a race.
Malgolf - Do you think Greg Norman can win?
Adam_B - It's not out of the question. He's really a part-time player these days.
Adam_B - Greg's business interests keep him pretty busy. A lot of people want to see him win.
sconset - Adam we hear alot about the reasonably priced food at the Masters. What is you favorite?
Adam_B - Egg salad sandwiches. $1.25.
Adam_B - Augusta National has always insisted on making things comfortable for the partons. And that includes refreshments.
Sconset - Do you have any idea in general if the players carry different clubs to play Augusta than other courses?
Adam_B - In general they don't. They stick with what is ordinarily in their bags.
Adam_B - Just before a major is not a good time to make a change.
Malgolf - Who do you like for the low amateur this year?
Adam_B - I'm impressed with Driscoll just because of what he's doing right now. 3 under through 4 holes
WebGuy2 - Adam, what do you guys do after the play is over there?
Adam_B - Many of them practice.
Adam_B - Quite a few go back to their rented houses to relax.
Malgolf - What's the feeling from the patrons about changing the course for next year?
Adam_B - There has not been time to get much reaction to that yet. I have not heard any violent reaction.
Adam_B - I think some of the par 4 could stand lengthening. But I agree with Mark Lye, you don't want to loose some of the charm of the shorter par 4, like hole 3.
Malgolf - Has a lefty ever won the Masters? How do you like Weir and Flesch?
Adam_B - I don't believe a lefty has ever won here. I don't think Flesh & Weir have much chance here this year just because they don't have enough experience with the course yet.
sconset - Adam have you ever had a chance to play Augusta?
Adam_B - No, I usually leave before Monday and that's the day some of the press gets to play Augusta National.
WebGuy2 - Do the local merchants pretty much live for this week each year?
Adam_B - Quite a few of them do, they have their biggest week thus far.
Adam_B - Some of them close, for example the local Jiffy Lube closed. Not top of mind for oil changes this week.
MacKilty - hello, i hope you don't mind, i can't chat. i came here because im at work and want live action radio coverage .... is it on the if not where? directions please! thanks!
TGC_COM - We are not aware of any live radio...we do however have live streaming updates at the top and bottom of each hour until TV coverage begins.
TGC_COM - Go to the homepage and click on Live Updates!
Golfgord - Jack Nicklaus has long been saying the golf ball should be limited in length as opposed to golf courses being lengthened. Is there any move in the industry or by the USGA to do so ?
Adam_B - Yes, some of the game's purists what to see the golf ball further limited.
Marshall - When does that coverage begin? and what channel?
Adam_B - Coverage begins being televised at 4 PM until 6 PM. Come back to The Golf Channel immediately following play for Viewer's Forum, Golf Central and Masters From Tee to Green special programming.
TGC_COM - Coverage is on USA.
sconset - I've seen a weather forcast that predicts high tempratures for the weekend? How do you think that will affect the less athletic golfers and the course itself?
Adam_B - If there is no rain, the course could become pretty dry and fast. It usually is anyway. I don't expect the players to notice, they are used to playing in high temperatures.
JoeD - Hi Adam - any news on what Ping might do to get their putter line going again - how about forged putters?
Adam_B - Ping tells me their putter sales are cruising right along this year.
Adam_B - Most putter makers I've spoken to say that forging is not an enormous advantage.
Marshall - Sad to see Byron Nelson leave... Sam though is from my home state, so it's good to see he'll continue with the honorary starting
Adam_B - It's sad to see Byron decide to stop. But it made him nervous.
Adam_B - No word yet on whether anyone will join Snead next year.
Malgolf - If Tiger wins will it be the Tiger Slam or the Grand Slam?
Adam_B - Depends who you ask.
Adam_B - Even Tiger's father said it should all be in the same year.
Golfgord - How long is the rough this year at Augusta, does it compare to what was seen at the Tour Championship ?
Adam_B - Nothing like the Tour Championship. It's noticeable but not troublesome.
Marshall - Adam. . who do think will follow in his footsteps next?
Adam_B - Hard to say, but you have to think about people like Doug Ford or Billy Casper.
JoeD - Adam - any news on a purchase of Nicklaus Golf by Nike?
Adam_B - The parties continue to say that is just a rumor.
Kramden - Adam- What ever happened to the much anticipated Taylor Made ball? Are they coming out with another model?
Adam_B - They are pretty much ignoring their golf ball franchise for the moment.
Adam_B - They are devoting their energies to clubs for now.
Tokar - could you explain how the sponges under the greens at Augusta work
Adam_B - They have very advanced drainage mechanisms here. Sandy soil, sponges and careful shaping of the land all help with drainage.
Adam_B - There are also heaters under certain greens to keep the grass 'happy' as it were.
JoeD - What happened to Doug Ford today? Did he withdraw?
Adam_B - I don't. He's mainly a cermonial player now. I think he'll admit that. In the past he has withdrawn after a score he's not happy with.
Blehr - Will Paul Azinger have a good master's
Adam_B - I doubt it. Nothing against him, he's a great guy and golfer. I agree with Rich Lerner, this course does not set up well for a low ball hitter.
TGC_COM - FYI, Doug Ford has withdrawn, no details yet on the reason!
Marshall - Augusta or Vallderama Which is maintained more maticulously?
Adam_B - I've never been to Spain. I'm told, Augusta's maintainence is 'legendary'
TGC_COM - We have about 15 more minutes left with Adam sure to join us tomorrow at 3PM to chat with PGA Tour Player Brandel Chamblee!
Golfgord - What is the state of Palmer golf equipment now that Arnold is endorsing Callaway. Is he playing theirs or his own irons ?
Adam_B - Palmer Golf Equipment no longer exists. It's assets were sold about the time that Arnold signed with Callaway.
Adam_B - I don't know which irons he's playing now.
Kramden - Adam- I heard that Titleist is producing a limited amount of Tiger's irons. Any news on pricing/availablity?
Adam_B - I had not heard that and Tiger's irons are prototypes anyway. Not highly marketable clubs. But I will check into it - ask me again next week.
Marshall - I was surprised to see the close up contours of Augusta..I never knew there were constant undulations on the course...from TV it looks pretty tame
Adam_B - TV flattens visual perspective sometimes. It's hard for television to show the elevations changes here, they are dramatic.
Adam_B - For example, nobody realizes until they see it in person, how steep the 10th hole is. It's probably a 10% grade.
blehrwho will have the best chance to win the master's Furyk or Duval
Adam_B - I say Furyk because Duval's wrist is still a question mark. Besides, Furyk is tied for 6th right now, 1 under through 10 holes.
BODYMAN - Hows the egg salad?
Adam_B - It's as if they had my mother back there making it.
DonB - Since players equipment is never tested would the manufacture give them non conforming clubs or balls
Adam_B - I doubt it. Because if they ever got caught, the fallout would be enormous.
Blehr - what are the chances of augusta being made longer
Adam_B - It's likely. Tom Fazio has been commissioned to lengthen some of the par 4's for 2002.
Adam_B - We don't know which par 4's yet.
Kramden - You may have addressed this, but is a rain delay expected later today?
Adam_B - Probably not today, the rain change was for the morning. It appears to be getting brighter now.
BODYMAN - Have you seen greens that are so divided with such specific landing areas on other courses?
Adam_B - Yes, but not in the same way. There are greens on Scottish links courses, that reward you for precise placement but they tend not to be as fast.
Blehr - Are better putters have advantages at augusta rather than length
Adam_B - Oddly enough, the course rewards long hitters because, you want to hit hit lofted irons into these greens if you can.
Adam_B - But you must be putting well to win.
BODYMAN - Will we see scores as low as -20 this week?
Adam_B - That depends on the weather. It is possible because we have three warm days coming up.
Adam_B - -18 is the all time record.
Kramden - Adam- How are the new trees at 15 coming in? Do they look more natural now?
Adam_B - They looked natural from the start because, the club planted mature trees. So they don't stick out in an odd way.
Blehr - What are Toms chances
Adam_B - Historically he has no chance because he won the Par 3
golfgord - Are the typical blade irons that the guys on tour use adjusted for loft, (stronger or weaker) to play a course like Augusta, or are most standard ?
Adam_B - Most guys don't make any changes especially to something like loft. They just choose a different club.
WebGuy2 - If I could get off work, how can I get tickets to the Masters?
Adam_B - By paying exorbitant prices to scalpers on the street, about $1000 for the weekend.
Blehr - Can Vijay repeat?
Adam_B - Oh yes, that's definantly possible. He's tough.
Kramden - Adam, Does Nike have any plans to make putters? Perhaps purchase an existing brand?
Adam_B - Yes. They are working with major putter designers to come up with a new NIKE putter.
LT. - Is today the pivotal day for Tiger this may determine his chances thoughts?
Adam_B - No, today's the day not to shoot a big number - to not lose.
TGC_COM - That's all the time we have today. We'd like to thank Adam Barr for taking the time to join us!
Adam_B - Thanks for joining me today, I'll see you next week!
TGC_COM - Be sure to join us Friday at 3PM ET when PGA Tour player Brandel Chamblee will join us for a live chat!
TGC_COM - Copyright 2001.
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Johnson begins Open week as 12/1 betting favorite

By Will GrayJuly 16, 2018, 5:15 pm

Dustin Johnson heads into The Open as the top-ranked player in the world, and he's also an understandable betting favorite as he looks to win a second career major.

Johnson has not played since the U.S. Open, where he led by four shots at the halfway point and eventually finished third. He has three top-10 finishes in nine Open appearances, notably a T-2 finish at Royal St. George's in 2011.

Johnson opened as a 12/1 favorite when the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook first published odds for Carnoustie after the U.S. Open, and he remains at that number with the first round just three days away.

Here's a look at the latest odds on some of the other top contenders, according to the Westgate:

12/1: Dustin Johnson

16/1: Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose

20/1: Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm

25/1: Jason Day, Henrik Stenson, Tiger Woods

30/1: Sergio Garcia, Francesco Molinari, Paul Casey, Alex Noren, Patrick Reed

40/1: Hideki Matsuyama, Marc Leishman, Branden Grace, Tyrrell Hatton

50/1: Phil Mickelson, Ian Poulter, Matthew Fitzpatrick

60/1: Russell Knox, Louis Oosthuizen, Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau, Zach Johnson, Tony Finau, Bubba Watson

80/1: Lee Westwood, Adam Scott, Patrick Cantlay, Rafael Cabrera-Bello, Thomas Pieters, Xander Schauffele

100/1: Shane Lowry, Webb Simpson, Brandt Snedeker, Ryan Fox, Thorbjorn Olesen

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Woods needs top-10 at Open to qualify for WGC

By Will GrayJuly 16, 2018, 4:34 pm

If Tiger Woods is going to qualify for the final WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club, he'll need to do something he hasn't done in five years this week at The Open.

Woods has won eight times at Firestone, including his most recent PGA Tour victory in 2013, and has openly stated that he would like to qualify for the no-cut event in Akron before it shifts to Memphis next year. But in order to do so, Woods will need to move into the top 50 in the Official World Golf Ranking after this week's event at Carnoustie.

Woods is currently ranked No. 71 in the world, down two spots from last week, and based on projections it means that he'll need to finish no worse than a tie for eighth to have a chance of cracking the top 50. Woods' last top-10 finish at a major came at the 2013 Open at Muirfield, where he tied for sixth.

Updated Official World Golf Ranking

There are actually two OWGR cutoffs for the Bridgestone, July 23 and July 30. That means that Woods could theoretically still add a start at next week's RBC Canadian Open to chase a spot in the top 50, but he has said on multiple occasions that this week will be his last start of the month. The WGC-Bridgestone Invitational will be played Aug. 2-5.

There wasn't much movement in the world rankings last week, with the top 10 staying the same heading into the season's third major. Dustin Johnson remains world No. 1, followed by Justin Thomas, Justin Rose, Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm. Defending Open champ Jordan Spieth is ranked sixth, with Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Tommy Fleetwood rounding out the top 10.

Despite taking the week off, Sweden's Alex Noren moved up three spots from No. 14 to No. 11, passing Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson and Paul Casey.

John Deere Classic champ Michael Kim went from No. 473 to No. 215 in the latest rankings, while South African Brandon Stone jumped from 371st to 110th with his win at the Scottish Open.

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Spieth takes familiar break ahead of Open defense

By Rex HoggardJuly 16, 2018, 3:50 pm

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland – As his title chances seemed to be slipping away during the final round of last year’s Open Championship, Jordan Spieth’s caddie took a moment to remind him who he was.

Following a bogey at No. 13, Michael Greller referenced a recent vacation he’d taken to Mexico where he’d spent time with Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan and why he deserved to be among that group of singular athletes.

Spieth, who won last year’s Open, decided to continue the tradition, spending time in Cabo again before this week’s championship.

Full coverage of the 147th Open Championship

“I kind of went through the same schedule,” Spieth said on Monday at Carnoustie. “It was nice to have a little vacation.”

Spieth hasn’t played since the Travelers Championship; instead he attended the Special Olympics USA Games earlier this month in Seattle with his sister. It was Spieth’s first time back to the Pacific Northwest since he won the 2015 U.S. Open.

“I went out to Chambers Bay with [Greller],” Spieth said. “We kind of walked down the 18th hole. It was cool reliving those memories.”

But most of all Spieth said he needed a break after a particularly tough season.

“I had the itch to get back to it after a couple weeks of not really working,” he said. “It was nice to kind of have that itch to get back.”