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Best Mens Major of the Decade

Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods

Best Men's Major of the Decade - Voting Results
  • 2000 PGA Championship: Tiger Woods over Bob May in a playoff - 4%
  • 2004 Masters: Phil Mickelson wins his first major - 16%
  • 2007 British Open: Padraig Harrington over Sergio Garcia in a playoff - 4%
  • 2008 U.S. Open: Tiger Woods over Rocco Mediate in a playoff - 44%
  • 2009 British Open: Tom Watson nearly wins at age 59 -32%

A lovable veteran. The greatest player on the planet. A painfully obvious injury. A multitude of clutch shots. A major championship at stake. It all adds up to, by your vote, the Best Men's Major of the Decade.

Tiger Woods' 91-hole triumph over Rocco Mediate at Torrey Pines in the 2008 U.S. Open will be remembered by many as not only the greatest major of the 2000s, but of all time.

It would have been a great major had Mediate won. But when Woods made birdie on the 72nd hole, curling in a 12-foot putt complete with firework reactions, this major championship became epic. It entered the status legendary when Woods made birdie on the 90th hole to extend the Monday playoff to sudden death, and ultimately ended with Woods holding his 14th major trophy.

That Mediate was Woods' adversary and not someone like Phil Mickelson only added to the intrigue. The easy-going, quotable, and enjoyable 45-year-old had spent his entire career battling injuries. Now he was trying to take down a wounded Tiger for one of the four greatest prizes in golf.

But even late leads in regulation Sunday and Monday, as well as his opponent playing on a bum left leg, wasn't enough for Mediate to knock off the world's No. 1.

After claiming his third U.S. Open title, Woods underwent knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. It was also revealed that he had been playing with a double stress fracture of his tibia as well. His season was over, but he went out with a mighty big bang.

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