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Best Player of the Decade

Tiger Woods birdie at the Buick Open

Best Player of the Decade - Voting Results
  • Tiger Woods: 12 majors; 8 PGA Tour POY awards; 56 PGA Tour wins - 80%
  • Annika Sorenstam: 8 majors; 5 POY awards; 3 Vare Trophies; 56 LPGA wins - 18%
  • Vijay Singh: 2 majors; 1 PGA Tour POY award; 3 PGA Tour money titles - 1%
  • Karrie Webb: 6 majors; 1 POY award; 1 money title; 20 LPGA wins - 1%

This one could have been a lot closer, but overwhlemingly you voted Tiger Woods the Best Player of the Decade.

Woods' only real competition in this category was Annika Sorenstam. Both earned the same amount of tour titles in the 2000s, but Woods' four more majors proved to be the ultimate factor. That and the 'Tiger Slam' and the consecutive cuts made streak and and the Player of the Year Awards.

Woods entered the decade as the No. 1-ranked player in the world. He exits it in the same position. His 1999 campaign, in which he won his second career major and eight times on Tour, catapulted him into the 2000s. The first year of the new decade set off expectations that no one, not even Woods, could ever live up to: 9 Tour wins, 3 consecutive major titles, 17 top-10s in 20 starts on Tour, the first person ever to win Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year on multiple occasions.

Aside from 2004, in which he overhauled his swing and won only once, Woods never had less than four Tour victories in a season over the last 10 years. There were also only three years during that span in which he didn't win at least one major. His performances and records were so impressive that he was named Associated Press Athlete of the Decade.

Going forward, there are plenty of questions surrounding Woods, who turns 34 today. But looking back, there is no question who was the greatest player of the decade.

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