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David Leadbetter - Chat Transcript

TGC_com - Welcome to tonight's Live Chat with TGC Troubleshooter David Leadbetter. We will begin at 10:15 PM ET.
TGC_com - Please feel free to post your question now. We will hold it until the chat begins! Please keep your questions short and to the point. Enjoy tonight's chat!
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britaycl- I'm trying to go from an 8 handicap to a scratch. what sort of training regimen would you recommend?
David_L - 1.if one feels one has the talent one needs to cover all the basics which means putting yourself in the hands of a competent teacher 2. working on your fitness level your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular and then designing your program in such a way that you have the time to work on the many different aspects required to be a zero handicapped player
rb2635- Is ball position a major contributor to lack of contact?
David_L - ball position no question can be a problem basically though in my opinion ball position tends to relate to the way were swinging in other words if we slice the ball we tend to have the ball to forward in the stance to off set the out to in swing.
David_L - a hooker of the ball, ball position back in their stance. For a slicer one should focus on moving the ball back in order to make solid contact and to encourage the club swinging from the inside.
David_L - a hooker should move the ball forward to encourage the swing on a straight line and certainly if you're hitting the ball fat i would suggest you put the ball back in your stance.
Britaycl - I have a 3 year old daughter who loves the game of golf. What kind of games can i give her to keep her interested?
David_L - above all else keep the game fun my suggestion is to work on and around the greens. Setting up little holes making each hole a par 4 and seeing what she can score. Make the hole no longer than 30 yards.
rb2635- Why is it that most amateurs can hit the 3wd better than the driver?
David_L - the loft on a driver combined with the length of the shaft makes it more difficult for amateurs especially those who are steep on the ball one can get away with hitting down on the ball more with a 3 wood than with a driver.
Bluetees - What is the best way to work on rhythm and tempo?
David_L - 2 simple tips. Relax your grip and arm pressure at address and breathe out during the whole swing. You'll find your swing tempo will be timed to your breathing.
SB - David, I have changed to a 10-finger grip and seem to be hitting the ball consitantly straighter, is it Ok to change to this grip? I am a 16 hdcp.
David_L - it perfectly acceptable Bob Rosberg is a player who has used this grip just make sure your hands stay together and work as a unit
Art - What type of putter do you use and why?
David_L - i use an odyssey putter triforce 3 model its well balanced and i love the insert.
EricCW - I hook my irons very badly and cannot seem to get them straight. Can you help me with some drills to correct this problem?
David_L - push your hands forward at the address make sure you feel your left hand is leading the clubface at impact as a drill hit 7 irons splitting your hands 2 inches apart this will give you the feeling of reducing your hand action though impact and keeping the clubface square
Art - Have you worked with Greg Norman this week? If yes, how is he hitting it and how do you like his chances to win on the Bay Hill course (where he used to live and be a member)?
David_L - i worked with Greg at the end of last week and I'm seeing him tomorrow, he feels very confident bay hill should be a good golf course for him and the only thing that could possibly hold him back is his limited number of tournament appearances so far this year. he's very excited about the year, he's back to full health doing well and i expect to see him in contention to win some tournaments shortly.
Mills - I began golf last year at age 56. I practice once a week. My little fingers always hurt the next day. Any suggestions?
David_L - it sounds your grips may be too thick i suggest having your grip thickness fixed, a ladies grip may help.
Amateurg - What are your thoughts on putting cross handed or 'the claw' grip?
David_L - with putting whatever works is crucial and certainly at times players get too handsy with their stroke so these grips are good to try.
TGC_com - Thanks for joining us tonight...we've got about 20 more minutes with David. You can check out his website at
Blake - David, I get the club extremely shut at the top; and get stuck on the way down. How do I correct this? Thanks, Blake
David_L - firstly try weakening your right hand grip, secondly feel your left thumb under the shaft of the top of the backswing and finally sense that the back of your right wrist is at a straight line not cupped
Davieboy - Hopefully, I will be a college player next year. My swing has really improved but my scores haven't dropped that much and I would like to know what you suggest ?
David_L - the key really is to be able to have a safe shot work on hitting left to right shots your driver to keep the ball in play. most poor scores are the result of driving the ball badly. So you need a safe shot also work hard on making your short game sharp and finally think about playing more as opposed to practicing.
Accord1 - David, could you please tell us about your new venture Champions Gate?
David_L - champions gate is a 36 hole resort, designed by Greg Norman and we have outstanding practice facilities, indoor, outdoor, computer areas, top grade short game facilities, and all of this within 10 minutes of Disney world in Orlando, Florida. Come visit us.
Tracer - David- I am of stocky build and have an abbreviated backswing. How do I get more power into my shots without over swinging and losing control? Thanks.
David_L - the important thing is to maximize your turn. And get behind the ball. Encourage your right side to turn out of the way on the backswing. And make sure your shirt buttons are on top of your right leg on the top. Turning and coiling in this manner will provide more power while still keeping the swing relatively short.
TGC_com - We've got about 10 minutes left with David Leadbetter. You can call more info. on David and Champions Gate at 1-888-633-LEAD.
Ping - Good Evening everyone. Mr. Leadbetter, I have noticed lately that I am finishing on my toes. Does that mean I have stopped my turn early, or is it that I might be hanging on my right side to long.
David_L - it sounds like the swing is too steep on the downswing working to much out to in practice hitting balls with the ball above your feet this will encourage you to keep the weight more on your heels and to swing the ball on a shallower angle.
JustinB - Mr. Leadbetter what has been the most influential change in the game of golf since you began teaching?
David_L - no question, the video camera having the ability to view swings in slow motion and being able to see the sequence of motion it enable teachers to get to the root cause of the problem quickly.
Wentman - David, do you feel that Charles is battling some of the same swing problems that Tiger had early in his career. i.e. problems with distance control?
David_L - to some extent yes. this is a problem many power hitters face. but its always good when you're young to hit it far and then work on control as opposed to say Nick Faldo who worked on control when he was young as a result never really accrued any power.
Pro V1 - How did Ty Tryon average over 290 yards off the tee while weighing a mere 135 pounds?
David_L - i have worked with Ty since he was 7 years old, and his athleticism and great technique allowed him to hit the ball so far. This combined with modern equipment is enabling young athletes to hit the ball vast distances.
TGC_com - We have time for just two more questions.
TurfStuf - What makes a good student?
David_L - a good student is one who is open minded, listens well, and applies himself and paints a clear picture, or blue print of what they are trying to achieve.
Lawyer - What percentage of the game of golf is technical, and how much is mental?
David_L - i think it varies depending on the situation certainly close to tournament time it is far more mental, working up to tournament is more technical. However, in my opinion, the better the technical side is, the easier the mental side is to achieve. Basically, its a blend. When the technique is good, the mental should be more of a priority. When its not, you have to work on your golf swing.
TGC_com - We'd like to thank David Leadbetter for taking the time during this busy week to join us tonight for this live chat on
David_L - i appreciate all the golfers logging on, and i hope some of these thoughts help you to play better golf. Bye for now.
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