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Episode 2 Blog

- TJ Hubbard

Here is some information about show 2 that you didn’t know.


Homerun Derby

This was my favorite challenge in Big Break history for challenges that were competed in a baseball stadium. I’m still a purist when it comes to this show; I love when the players face off and are forced to play holes of golf. But don’t get me wrong, I love having some fun with them which is why we put them in Champion Stadium at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. 


We tested six different “restricted flight” golf balls for this challenge for over two months before finally finding the perfect ball (Qolf balls). It sounds exactly like a real ball when hit, travels a little further than 30% of a real ball and proves to be a good test for the players. My job for those two months was, in part, to go down to the stadium and hit balls during my lunch hour. Thanks have to go out to Bobby, Dave and their crew for accommodating us at the stadium.


By the way, I no longer wonder why professional baseball players have such good fielding ability. Those field conditions are tremendous. It beats the fields I grew up playing on, where the grass and the dirt were never on the same level. Some were so severe you needed climbing equipment to come in from center field.


Tony, Vincent, Blake and Gipper are long! Tony and Vince tied for the longest consecutive home run streak at 15. Tony’s longest home run was 406 feet with the restricted flight ball. (Real golf ball equivalent = 343 yards, and that’s all carry).


Up & Down Matches

We did not edit this challenge to finish every match in one try. That’s the way it happened, honestly. In every match, at least one person got up and down while their opponent did not. It was quite amazing and quite refreshing, considering we had a long morning of watching Tony, Vince and Blake rocket home runs out of the stadium.


In every interview, including KMAX’s, someone said something about Kevan Maxwell not being picked first by Andreas or second by Sean. KMAX’s inexperience has scared a lot of the competitors. He’s the ultimate underdog, and you never underestimate the underdog. KMAX says his mental game is better than anyone else’s on the show, and he proved it by taking down Gipper.


Gipper’s shoulder injury is a recurring problem for him, because he developed scoliosis at a young age and never had it fixed. If you notice Gipper standing funny in the show, that’s because his right side tilts down making his left shoulder higher. It appears that this injury doesn’t prevent him from smacking 9 irons 175 yards, though.



I don’t have much to say on the elimination except for Sean’s performance. Now this is a guy who didn’t pick up a golf club for nearly 15 years. He was a very good player as a nine-year-old winning many different junior events and gaining notoriety around south Florida for his potential. Based upon that success and a few rounds in the low 70’s and high 60’s, he said to himself, “Let’s play golf for a living.” Now that takes you know what. That’s like me saying, “I was a pretty good wiffle ball player, so why not try and get signed to a minor league contract!” So far, Sean has proven himself under the gun, and according to Blake, he is this show’s “dark horse.”


Special thanks to Chipper Jones and Lucas Glover for their first cameos on Big Break!


Disney Fun Fact: Walt Disney bought the land that Disney World sits on using fake names and fake company names to avoid public interference. One name he used a lot: Walter E. Davis.