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Final Takes for June 23 2003

Grey Goose 19th HoleThe Grey Goose 19th Hole Final Takes for June 23, 2003:
I have always cared less about the quality of someones golf than the manner in which they play. As summertime rolls in and the days become longer, I offer a few etiquette reminders designed to help golfers become a little more fun to play with.
Always mark your ball when you reach the green until its your turn to play, regardless of whether or not youre in another persons line. It allows players to be free of distractions when it is their turn to play.
Never stand on the line of a competitors putt or its extension. There are few things more aggravating than players fidgeting in your peripheral vision trying to get a read off of your putt. If you cant read the movement of another persons putt from a side angle, youre not going to make yours anyway.
Always fix your pitch mark, and one other, when you reach the green. A repaired pitch mark takes a few hours to heal, a mark left unrepaired can take up to a week.
Always know when its your turn to play and be ready to go when you are up. Walk to your ball or select your club when the previous players ball is in the air. Pace of play is a real issue, dont be a burden to your foursome.
Golfers with good etiquette are much more fun to play with and after all, isnt that the real point of this game anyway.
With Tiger Woods in a so-called slump, there has been some talk that the popularity of the PGA Tour is too dependent on Tiger winning. I disagree.
The level of play and competitiveness on Tour has never been better. Already this year, there are three other players with three wins each.
But winning is not enough. The general public wants compelling personalities. The public fell in love with John Daly but brushed off Jeff Sluman when he did the same thing. They embraced Mark McGuire and only tolerated Barry Bonds, and they anointed Greg Norman long before he was at the top of the game.
The public loves the style as much as the stats. They want to see Sergio skipping down the fairway or Freddie in tears after a long awaited win.
Is the Tour in trouble? Not in my book. There are great stories every week. We just need to give these guys the credit they deserve. Tigers a great player but the reason hes not winning every week is that there are a lot of other great players and great personalities on tour.
Number Two, where the heck are you?
Karrie Webb and Phil Mickelson aren't even one of the five best players on their respective tours 'right now' Who would've ever thought that at the start of the 2003 season?
Not since the plummet of David Duval have I seen the second best players in the world abandon the winners' circle so quickly. And why is that? Is there a lack of motivation? A lack of confidence? Is it a combination? What's the deal?
Watching Rachel Teske win for the second consecutive week got me thinking this is the 'other Australian' that has played in Karrie Webb's shadow for the better part of an entire career Her accomplishments lately are no different than usual. They just seem greater because of Karrie's lengthy absence from the leader boards.
As for Lefty, Mike Weir was the 'other lefty' for years. Now he's primetime and Mickelson's playing serious back-up. No disrespect to Teske or Weir, or anyone else who's battling for the second best player on their tour reputation but the game doesn't feel right without Webb and Mickelson in the mix. Get well soon.
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