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GOLF CHANNELs Nobilo Denies Return

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that GOLF CHANNEL analyst Frank Nobilo was making a return to top-level competition later this year by enrolling in PGA TOUR Q-school.
In a statement released by Nobilo, the former TOUR winner (1997 Greater Greensboro Open) denied the report, saying that a back injury which forced him out of the game in 2003 would still prevent him from playing a regular schedule.
PGA TOUR officials also confirmed that Nobilo was not signed up for entry into the Qualifying Tournament.
Here is Nobilos statement:
The (Associated Press) article has generated enough concern that I feel compelled to put it to rest before it gets out of hand.
I have not, nor did I have any intention of entering this years PGA TOUR Qualifying school. While I have played some occasional golf these last few years my body is still not to the point where it would hold up for more than a few weeks of competitive golf. I was seen hitting balls late in the day at the back of the range at the La Cantera Golf Course in San Antonio, where the last PGA TOUR event was held, but that was after I had completed my television duties and in an effort to prepare for a golf outing in Houston on Monday (yesterday).
Two months ago, Sir Bob Charles asked me if I had any interest in playing in this years New Zealand Open alongside Simon Owen and himself, in addition to the field, to support the event. It was something that had not been approved by any party ' just an idea. At the time I told him that while I was still playing very little golf, the idea of playing one more New Zealand Open was very inviting. I have not heard back from Sir Bob Charles or the NZGA further on this matter and consequently have not made provision in my schedule to come back to New Zealand at that time.
I am flattered with the response from many well wishers in the short period of time since the article was released. While never a day goes by when I wish I wasn't back out on the golf course the reality of getting back to competitive golf, whether it be regular or Champions Tour, is extremely unlikely.
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