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Golf Video Sets Record

The four-part Truth About Golf videos by instructor A.J. Bonar has sold approximately 140,000 copies ' 560,000 videos in all. That is believed to be a record.

Bonars father was a machinist, and Bonar was well-schooled in the use of tools. Thats exactly what he thinks golf clubs are ' tools.

In my household where my father had been a machinist and used tools his whole life, he was able to figure out how to make tools work for him, he said. He taught my brother and me ' he said, Once youre given a tool, once you understand how the end of it is supposed to be used, then you can make it work.

The San Diego-based instructor says golf has been too difficult.

In general, I think what you see in the school as well is that people are looking for a way to make golf easier to learn, said Bonar. And thats been my goal since I started teaching is to figure out a way to make golf easier to learn.

Unfortunately, historically whats happened in golf instruction is that people were never taught how to use the end of the club against the ball properly. It was just that if you turned your shoulders, then the club will know what to do. Unfortunately, a tool of any kind doesnt know what to do. You have to make the end of the tool do the right thing ' and become good with it.

Bonar says his early experiences with a golf club were not terribly productive.

It seems terribly commonplace to say it, but unfortunately when I took the clubs out and I started to ask people whom I thought knew how to do this ' I said, Whats the end of this tool supposed to do? They said, No one really knows. What youve got to do is turn your shoulders.

I kept asking people and no one seemed to know what the end of the club does. They all said, If you swing it fast enough right through there, youll get the hang of it.

Theres a very old concept that people have been using since tools arrived. And that is that theres a ball, theres a stick, and theres eye-hand coordination. If you know which part of the ball to attack, you know how the stick is designed, and you use youre eye-hand coordination to use the end of the tool against the ball, you can learn how to do it a very high level.