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By Golf Channel DigitalDecember 4, 2000, 5:00 pm
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tgc-com -Thank you all for joining us today. Let's get started with our chat. Jennifer, thanks for joining us!
J_Mills - First,let me say I was a little nervous about doing my first chat, until all my friends reminded me that I have never had a problem chatting. I'm glad to be here.
mike-van - hi Jennifer
mike-van - What is the best part of your job?

J_Mills - The travel, the people, the great sport and the excitement Tiger Woods has brought to the game.

Sanju - How often do you actually get out to play some golf with other TGC staff?
J_Mills - I try to avoid it all costs. But when I must (ha ha)...we play periodically. I have an outside circle of golfing buddies I play regularly with.
Sanju- Hey Jennifer! Are you guys having a big going away bash for Scotty? It's sure not going to be the same without him...
J_Mills - I don't know the party plans, but Scott and his unique sense of humor will certainly be missed. He leaves the best voicemails in town. I hope I get some after he leaves (hint hint).

CMat- When you play, do you often get recognised or approached by viewers?
J_Mills- Yes, and I hope they look away before I swing.
mike-van- Who is your favorite player?
J_Mills- I have several. At the top of the list would be Ernie Els and Nick Price.
mike-van- Where is Scott Van Pelt going?
tgc-com- Scott is talking a job with ESPN...he will be their lead golf guy!!
GolfingD- How would you compare Tiger's great year to that of Byron Nelson's when he won 18 tournament, I think
J_Mills- It's hard to beat an 18-win...including 11 in a row season. I would have to give 1945 the edge, but what Tiger has done and continues to do will likely never be matched again.
Sanju- And pics of you floating around from when you were homecoming queen??
J_Mills- Yes, and the big hair is definitely OUT!
mike-van- What is your handicap?
J_Mills- I play to a 12 and have broken 80 twice. I will spend the holidays working on the game and enjoying the good Florida weather.
GolfingD- Sure is funny how much money is being played for in the so-called silly season, Tiger's tournament $1,000,000.00 and the one Els won $2,000,000.00 many players yearly earning or better
J_Mills- It certainly pays to be among the elite in professional golf. I guess they've earned the right to play for this kind of money. Frankly, I'm happy to see golf finally catch up with other sports in the 'pay' department.
Sanju- What's a typical day (if there is such a thing) like for you?

J_Mills- That's a good question, because there rarely is a typical day. We begin the day with a noon production meeting to determine the show content and order. From that point on, my day includes researching, writing, voicing and interviewing. That would be a normal studio day.
J_Mills- When I am at an event, I follow the story of the day. At days end, we always interview the leaders, so the day typically ends at sundown.
mike-van- How many years have you been in journalism?
J_Mills- 16 years. I began as a sports photographer at an NBC affiliate in North Carolina while attending Wake Forest. From there, I began reporting. Later, anchored news and travel and entertainment programs.
Hawkeye- What was the biggest story on the LPGA this year?

J_Mills -Karrie Webb gets the nod from me.
Sanju- do you have any kids...and do they tarvel with you?
J_Mills - Yes. I have two. Both traveled with me when they were small. Now, we juggle school and PGA Tour schedules. I take them with me as often as I can.
mike-van -Are you a member of a club?
J_Mills- Yes...Orange Tree Golf Club in Orlando.
J_Mills- Payne Stewart used to play there the Monday before the US Open because he said if he could keep it in the fairways at OTGC, he could keep it in the fairways at the Open. Great course in great shape.
Sanju- What kind of equipment do you use (clubs, ball, ball-retriever (!)...)?
J_Mills- I use a Taylor Made driver, Titleist 981 irons and a putter my dad gave me 25 years ago...still trying to get it to work!
THE-DUCK- Hello Jennifer. If you could change one thing in golf, what would it be?
J_Mills- I would make sure that ladies can play golf whenever, wherever you want!
Sanju- Has pay for Golf Reporters benefitted from Golf's increasing popularity. Certainly the perks must be good...
J_Mills- The perks are great, when you consider that my 'office' is some of the best golf courses in the world, and I have a front row seat to each event.
Sanju -Does Brian Hammons keep it in the short grass himself?!
J_Mills -Rarely. But he'll be the first to tell you he hits it a mile. In fact, he's playing today in a fundraiser at Isleworth to benefit the school in which Payne Stewart's children attend.
GolfingD -Of the all players you have seen this year, who has the best chance of giving Tiger a real run
J_Mills- Ernie Els, a healthy David Duval, Phil Mickelson and anybody else who can shoot 56 on Sunday.
CMat- It seems everyone has formed an opinion about Tiger and the PGA. Do you have any views one way or the other?
J_Mills- Tiger has had such a tremendous impact on golf revenue, ratings and popularity, he deserves to get some credit for this. However, even Tiger has made it clear he's not trying to take a piece of the television revenue pie, he just wants to make sure that his likeness and image aren't abused...
J_Mills- I understand his concerns and his desire to keep the lid on what might get out of hand. Interesting that both Arnold and Jack have commented that the issue is no different than what they faced in their day, it's just there's more media attention today.
tgc-com -Thanks for joining us today to chat with Jennifer Mills. Keep those questions coming!!
slam- How often do you get to play jen?
J_Mills- When I'm on the road covering a tournament, usually 2-3 times a week. When I'm home, I play perhaps once a week but hit balls 3-4 days a week.
cruzmsle- Jennifer when you interviewed Matt Damon did you sense that he was truly hooked on golf or he was putting up a front for the movie.
J_Mills- He definitely is interested in the game, but not nearly as much as his colleague, my friend Will Smith. Will is absolutely hooked. In fact, during filming, Redford had to give Will a beeper so he could find him because he was off playing golf when it wasn't his part being filmed.
GolfingD- It seemed that last year David just couldn't get the competive juices really flowing, maybe it was health, but sure looked mental. Any takes????
J_Mills -From talking to David, I think he was in more pain than he let on. He is the ultimate competitor and puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best at what he does.
Sanju -Do you sometimes feel like a 'star' when you are out and about? I mean with all the attention?
J_Mills -I paused because I'm not sure how to answer this one...

J_Mills- I'm flattered you think I'm a 'star', but I'm just like anybody else, I just happen to have a job that takes place in front of 30 million people.
slam -Are you getting hooked on hollywood premieres?
J_Mills- I used to cover quite a bit during my days in entertainment and travel television and as host of PM Magazine. I prefer golf my a long shot, although I was pumped to meet Robert Redford in person and my mother's jealous...
Sanju- Is TGC staff a close knit group? Seems like it would be a great place to work.
J_Mills -It is a great place to work! Many of us have been together since day one back in January 1995 and have become quite close. We are like a family.
Hawkeye- It was nice to see Lorie Kane break through. As many have said once she won once-look out!
J_Mills- It was the dam-breaking scenario. You knew once she won, it would be overwhelming. Lori is one of the nicest, most positive people you will ever meet. Aside from being impressed with her game, I was more impressed with the way she dealt with all the attention finishing runner-up again and again. The smile she learned as a synchronized swimmer growing up came in handy.
slam- We have seen Eldrick suffer some losses lately, but not by someone playing in his last group. Do you think he is that much harder to play head to head than most?
J_Mills- Players will tell you they prefer being one group the hunt but not in spotlight. If you take a look at the Sunday scores of those who have beaten Tiger in the last 4-5 weeks, there have been some remarkable Sunday numbers (i.e. Waldorf's 62...Davis Love's 64), so players are stepping up.

tgc-com- Thanks for stopping by our chat with Jennifer Mills. We''ve got about 10 minutes left before Jennifer has to get back to her real job!
THE-DUCK- Wow! Do you really feel that discrimination, towards women, is still a major problem in our country? Also, did you vote in our National Election?
J_Mills- Yes, I was one of Florida's absentee ballots. As for the women and tee times issue, I was somewhat joking but I can't tell you how angry I get when someone tells me I can't play because it's 'Sunday morning before Noon', etc.
Sanju- I followed Charles Howell III around for an entire round at the Candian Open...solid player. What are your impressions of him?
J_Mills- Great player, will be a factor in the future, I think. Good disposition, temperament and work ethic. The 2000 Haskins Award winner will do well in the future, in my opinion.
monte -My favorite player is Nick Faldo. Have you ever interviewed him and what type of person is he?
J_Mills- Nick has a wonderful wit that often goes unnoticed or is misunderstood. I want so much for him to ressurect the game he once knew and still has.
Sanju- What's Tom (Nettles) like?
J_Mills- In a word: unique. 'T-Net' is one of the hardest workers you will find. He also has the messiest desk you will ever see in the history of the world.
slam- What are your interests away form the course other than golf?
J_Mills -I play competitive tennis and am a passionate gardener, but my pride and joy are my two kids.
red -is there anyone (pro) that you would like to interview??? why?
J_Mills -I would love to have had an opportunity to interview Bobby Jones. I don't know if you've ever seen his 'lessons' on TNT, but it's some of the best viewing around.
tgc-com -We've got about 5 minutes more...if you have any comments on Live Chats please e-mail us at!
Sanju- Thanks for chatting Jennifer. This is one of the coolest features of TGC, by far. Have a great holiday (if you get one!).
tgwfu- Just wanted to say hello. I knew you at wafe forest. Glad to see you are doing so well. You do a great job on the show
J_Mills- Thanks. Go DEACS!
Sanju- Have you played much golf outside the U.S.? Any favourites?
J_Mills- Yes. I have played quite a bit in Ireland and am a huge fan of Irish Links golf. I spent two weeks with my family in Scotland this past summer and discovered a real gem in Royal Dornoch, Donald Ross' home course. It is now on my list of favorite courses, along with Royal County Down in N. Ireland and East Lake in Atlanta.
GolfingD- Do you think the controvesies surrounding Tiger and the PGA at the years end may have effected his concentration and winning down the stretch.
J_Mills- No. I think that playing 8 events in a row has had an impact on Tiger. Also, if you look at his level of play this summer, you know there is no way that even Tiger could sustain that kind of perfection indefinitely.
THE-DUCK- Nest time you're in the Williamsburgh area try Royal New Kent. It is the best Irish Links course in the country. You'll love it!!!!
J_Mills- Thanks for the tip!
tgwfu- Jennifer. just wanted to know if you get to go back to any Wake football games?
J_Mills - Sometimes for homecoming, which this year was a good one.
tgc-com- That's all we have time for today...Thanks Jennifer and thanks to all of you.
J_Mills- Thanks, this was fun! See you tonight at 7:30pm ET!
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(Not that) Jutanugarn shares lead with (not that) Ko

By Associated PressApril 22, 2018, 1:58 am

LOS ANGELES - A player eager for her first win and a rookie top the leaderboard at the HUGEL-JTBC LA Open. Lurking two shots back is a Hall of Famer.

Winless Moriya Jutanugarn overcame a poor start and birdied the 18th for a hard-earned 1-under 70 to tie rookie Jin Young Ko at 9 under on Saturday at Wilshire Country Club.

Ko shot a 66 in her bid to become the year's first two-time LPGA winner. She won the Women's Australian Open in February, her first victory as an official tour member after a successful run on the Korean LPGA circuit.

''I'm ready for win or top 10, so maybe tomorrow I will really focus on shot by shot,'' said Ko, who added an exclamation point to her golf bag for each of her wins on the KLPGA. ''I won 11 times, so if I win tomorrow, maybe I change to 12. I need more, I need every time motivation.''

Jutanugarn is trying to match younger sister Ariya as a tour champion. Seven-time winner Ariya was tied for 27th after a 72 in the third round.

Usually when one of the Thai sisters is in the lead, the other will watch when her round is finished.

''If she's not too lazy, she is probably going to come out,'' Moriya said about Ariya.

Playing in an all-Korean threesome, Hall of Famer Inbee Park was two shots back in third after a 69. Her birdie putt for a share of the lead on 18 slid just by the hole. The group drew a large contingent of Korean fans.

Full-field scores from the Hugel-JTBC Open

''I kind of started off a little bad. I was able to come back strong, so I'm really happy with that,'' Park said. ''I left a few putts out there. The greens around this golf course are just really tough. You just don't know what's going to happen.''

Moriya Jutanugarn's round included a double bogey on the par-4 first hole and a bogey on the par-4 sixth. She eagled the par-4 14th after holing out from the fairway 93 feet away. The ball took once bounce and went in, eliciting a stunned look from Jutanugarn before she high-fived her caddie.

''Today was kind of a pretty rough day for me with not a very good start and like trying to come back,'' Jutanugarn said. ''I just try to play my game and be patient out there I think is the key.''

Jutanugarn, the second-round leader, read the break perfectly on a long putt to make birdie on 18 and share the lead with Ko.

Playing two groups ahead of Jutanugarn, Caroline Inglis also eagled the 14th from 180 yards. She briefly jumped up and down and smiled after three bogeys and a double bogey. She shot a 69 and was four shots back in a tie for sixth with Minjee Lee.

''It was like one bounce and then it like trickled in,'' Inglis said.

Aditi Ashok eagled 14 early in the round.

Ko did some scrambling of her own. Her ball found a sandy hazard on the 17th with a scoreboard and a winding creek in between her and the green 190 yards away. Her approach landed just off the green and she made par. Her round included six birdies and a bogey on 16.

Eun-Hee Ji (70) and American Marina Alex (72) were tied for fourth at 6 under.

Top-ranked Shanshan Feng shot a 70 and was in a six-way tie for 12th at 2 under.

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Defending champs Singh, Franco take senior lead

By Associated PressApril 22, 2018, 12:15 am

RIDGEDALE, Mo. - Defending champions Vijay Singh and Carlos Franco took the third-round lead Saturday in the windy Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf.

Singh and Franco shot a 7-under 47 in wind gusting to 20 mph on the Top of the Rock par-3 course to get to 19-under 145, a stroke ahead of the teams of David Toms-Steve Flesch and Paul Broadhurst-Kirk Triplett.

''It was a tough day,'' Singh said. ''The wind was swirling, have to get the club right and we made some putts. Carlos played really well on the back nine and I played really well on the front nine, so we ham-and-egged it a little.''

Toms and Flesch also shot 47, and Broadhurst and Triplett had a 33 on the 13-hole Mountain Top par-3 course.

''We just paired well together,'' Toms said. ''I don't think either one of us played great. We picked each other up out there.''

Wind and rain is expected Sunday when the teams finish at Top of the Rock, again playing the front nine in alternate shot and the back nine in better ball.

''Make as many birdies as possible and see what happens,'' Singh said. ''That's all we can do.''

Singh and Franco are trying to become the first to successfully defend a title since Jim Colbert and Andy North in 2001. Singh won the Toshiba Classic in March for his first individual senior title.

Full-field scores from the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf

Flesch won the Mitsubishi Electric Classic last week in Georgia for his first senior victory.

Tom Lehman and Bernhard Langer had a 34 at Mountain Top to join Spanish stars Miguel Angel Jimenez and Jose Maria Olazabal at 17 under. Jimenez and Olazabal had a 33 at Mountain Top.

''It's great for me to be able to play with him as a team member,'' Olazabal said. ''We do have great memories from the Ryder Cup and other events, and it's always a great pleasure to play with a great player and a friend.''

Langer took the final-round forecast in stride.

''We've done it hundreds of times before and we'll probably do it again,'' Langer said. ''We'll make the best of it. We both have a good attitude. We're known to play in all sorts of weather and I just look forward to playing one more day with my partner here.''

Wisconsin neighbors Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly were 16 under after a 48 at Top of the Rock.

John Daly and Michael Allen, the second-round leaders after a 46 at Top of the Rock, had a 37 at Mountain Top to drop into a tie for seventh at 15 under.

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Landry shares Valero lead, eyes first career win

By Will GrayApril 21, 2018, 11:15 pm

After coming up just short of a breakthrough win earlier this season, Andrew Landry has another chance to earn his maiden victory at the Valero Texas Open.

Landry came within inches of winning the CareerBuilder Challenge in January, ultimately losing to Jon Rahm in a four-hole playoff. He struggled to find form in the wake of his close call, missing the cut in each of his four starts following his runner-up finish in Palm Springs.

But Landry took some time off to welcome his first child, Brooks, last month and he made it to the weekend in his first start back last week at the RBC Heritage, where he finished T-42. He made a move up the standings Saturday at TPC San Antonio with a bogey-free 67, and at 13 under shares the lead with Zach Johnson heading into the final round.

"I just did everything really good," Landry told reporters. "I was staying patient and just trying to make a bunch of pars. This golf course can come up and bite you in a heartbeat, and I had a couple bad putts that I didn't really make. I'm happy with it, it's a good 5-under round. Gets me in the final group tomorrow and we'll see what happens."

Full-field scores from the Valero Texas Open

Valero Texas Open: Articles, photos and videos

Landry started the day one shot off the pace and in the final group with Johnson and Ryan Moore, and at one point he took sole possession of the lead after birdies on three of his first six holes. Now he'll have another chance in the day's final tee time where he's grouped with Johnson and Trey Mullinax, who sits one shot back after firing a course-record 62 in the third round.

For Landry, it's another opportunity to break into the winner's circle, and it's one for which he feels prepared after coming so close three months ago.

"I mean, I don't want to go too deep into it because I don't want to sound cocky or anything, but I just believe in myself. There's no other explanation for it," Landry said. "You can totally get out here and play with Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore, two top players in the world, and you can go out there and fold under pressure or you can learn a lot.

"Zach's always been a role model to me the way he plays golf, I feel like we have very similar games, and it's just going to be fun tomorrow getting to play with him again."

Getty Images

Z. Johnson, Landry share 54-hole Texas Open lead

By Associated PressApril 21, 2018, 10:56 pm

SAN ANTONIO - Zach Johnson birdied the par-5 18th Saturday at the Valero Texas Open for a share of the third-round lead with Andrew Landry, a stroke ahead of record-setting Trey Mullinax.

Johnson shot a 4-under 68, holing a 10-footer on 18 to match Landry at 13-under 203 at TPC San Antonio's AT&T Oaks. Landry birdied the 16th and 17th in a 67.

Johnson won the event in 2008 and 2009, the last two times it was played at LaCantera. The 42-year-old Iowan is trying to win for the first time since the 2015 British Open.

''I've got 18 holes to get to that point,'' Johnson said. ''I've got to do exactly what I did on the back side and that was give myself opportunities on every hole. I'm putting great, I'm seeing the lines well, my caddie's reading the greens well, so it's just a matter of committing and executing down the stretch.''

The 30-year-old Landry is winless on the tour.

''I'm a good putter and I just need to give myself a lot of opportunities tomorrow like I did today,'' Landry said. ''I'll be looking forward to tomorrow.''

Mullinax had a course-record 62. He played the back nine in 7-under 29, going 6 under on the last five with eagles on the par-5 14th and 18th and birdies on 16 and 17. He also birdied Nos. 10 and 12 and bogeyed 11.

''It's probably one of the best rounds I've ever had,'' Mullinax said. ''To go out there and shoot 62 on a hard golf course is really good.''

Johnson played the front nine in even par with two birdies and two bogeys. He birdied Nos. 11, 14, 15 and 18 on the back nine.

Full-field scores from the Valero Texas Open

Valero Texas Open: Articles, photos and videos

''Different wind today early on, misjudged some numbers, misjudged some wind, made some bad swings, all of the above,'' Johnson said. ''But truthfully, my short game was actually pretty good, my putting was great. I missed some putts, but I hit some really good ones, hit some lines and I gave myself opportunities especially on the back side.''

Landry had a bogey-free round.

''I just did everything really good,'' Landry said. ''I was staying patient and just trying to make a bunch of pars. This golf course can come up and bite you in a heartbeat.''

Ryan Moore was two strokes back at 11 under after a 70. Sean O'Hair had a 65 to join 2015 champion Jimmy Walker (67), Chris Kirk (68) and 2013 winner Martin Laird (69) at 9 under.

''I just feel like I'm getting closer and closer to playing better and better golf, more solid golf, putting rounds together,'' Walker said. ''I'm excited for the opportunity tomorrow.''

Mullinax has made 42 of 44 putts from inside 10 feet this week.

''They just kind of remind me of greens from home,'' Mullinax said. ''My caddie, David (Flynn), has been reading them really well. We trusted each other on our reads and I've been hitting good putts. Been working hard on putting on the weeks off that I've had so it's good to see some results.''

The 25-year-old former Alabama player chipped in for the eagle on 14 and the birdie on the par-3 16th.

''It was just a little bit down the hill,'' he said about the 16th. ''All you had to do was just land it just past that little light grass spot. My caddie told me just read it like a putt, so I tried to just read it like a putt and it went in.''

On 18, he hit a 3-iron from 255 yards to 15 feet to set up his eagle putt. He broke the course record of 63 set by Matt Every in 201 and matched by Laird in 2013. The tournament record is 60 at LaCantera, by Bart Bryant in 2004 and Johnson in 2009.