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Jesper Parnevik Press Conference Transcript

Parnevik, JesperBank of America Colonial
Colonial Country Club
Fort Worth, Texas
May 22, 2003
First Round
An Interview With:

JESPER PARNEVIK: Probably as easy as I have ever seen it play actually. I was actually surprised that no one shot in the low 60s today, which I expected someone to do. But I think in the back of the players heads they're still playing away from the pins, being a little conservative. Which is usually the way you play this course. Usually if you go for the pins you end up with double bogeys. So we didn't get any rain, so hopefully it will dry out for the weekend.
Q. Were you surprised by the score she was able to put up?
JESPER PARNEVIK: Yeah, I was very impressed. I know she's a good player and all that. But with all the hoopla going on, I guess that's what she -- it gives her a boost. So impressive, but not really surprised, no.
Q. Did you think she will make the cut tomorrow?
JESPER PARNEVIK: I think that she has to play better than today, put it that way. You never know. I don't even know what's going to be the weather tomorrow. But I think that it's going to be tougher for her, the tougher the course plays, so to speak.
Q. What do you think about the media frenzy surrounding this event?
JESPER PARNEVIK: I think it's great. I think it's great she's playing. I think it's good for golf. And she told me she's not here to prove anything, that she can beat the boys or anything like that. She is here for herself, only here for herself. She wanted to experience this Tiger Mania, if you want to call it that, because she thinks that's going to help her in the future. When she comes to the next Major it's going to be like playing Wednesday pro-am for her. So she just wants to go through all this see how she handles it and I think she did very well.
Q. Do you think at any point she can get over run by just the mass, the time and the fans and every one?
JESPER PARNEVIK: Of course, afterwards she's going to reflect on it and go, wow, this was actually pretty big moment. It was history made here. But knowing her and her drive to perform and drive to become a better player, she can push it all the way when it matters.
Q. Do you think it make it's tougher to go back to the women's tour?
JESPER PARNEVIK: I think it's going to be easier, yeah. It's like anyone, first time I played with Seve or Jack Nicklaus you know, I am nervous and all that. And I'm sure she was nervous teeing up on the first hole today. So after that, next time you play with Seve, not that big of a deal. Same thing. If she's been nervous or felt the pressure in the Majors in the past, she's going to be as calm as anything from now on.
Q. Did you have any fashion tips for her?
JESPER PARNEVIK: No, I think she looked pretty good today, I have to say. I don't know how to answer that one so I don't get killed.
Q. We look at you and you're a tough guy, a nice guy but tough guy, there was no way you were going to get beat by a girl, right?
JESPER PARNEVIK: I don't think any of the guys are really here being nervous or scared thinking, I might get beat by Annika. Because golf is a very strange game. I play a lot of matches, money games at home with friends who are five, 10 handicappers and if I have a rough nine, they have their best nine, they can still beat me. That's the beauty of golf. I heard she played incredibly well today. She told me before tournament started that she has peaked, she's right where she wants to be before this event. So very impressive.
Q. For your self personally, you seem to own Texas, why do you play your best golf here?
JESPER PARNEVIK: I don't know. I love the crowds, I love this golf course here. First of all. And after I won Byron, I mean Byron's a very special tournament because of Byron. So it's just a place I like to play.
Q. What would this mean to you with all the history of Ben Hogan?
JESPER PARNEVIK: Well this would be very very high. This is one of the highest regarded tournaments on TOUR. So to win this one, obviously I would be very proud.

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