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Rawson makes offensive remarks then regrets them

Anna Rawson

Feb. 6, 2009: Glamour girl golfer Anna Rawson has made headlines over controversial comments she made on Adelaide radio on Wednesday night, before the ANZ Ladies Masters.
'The tour has got so much better with so many young stars and great players. But the mentality, unfortunately amongst the media and the industry has not changed. They still think we are at 25 years ago, you know, when the tour was full of, you know, a lot of dykes and unattractive females. Nobody wanted to watch,' said the 27 year-old South Australian.
Confronted by an aggressive media on Thursday, she found herself in a bunker she could not get out of no matter how many swipes she took in her defense. The bunker just got deeper. Her comments angered officials with the Australian Ladies Professional Association, but because Rawson is not a member she cannot be disciplined by the local authority.
'I wasn't talking about my opinion at all ... That's not how I saw the tour 25 years ago because 25 years ago I was two years old,' Rawson said. 'I was just making a reference to how society sees women's golf as a whole, not necessarily women's golf in Australia.'
Full story courtesy of the Australian