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Your Opinions Your Voice - Casey vs PGA Tour

TheLama - I can honestly say I haven't been able to take a side in the Casey Martin issue. It's just an incredible set of circumstances that make his case unique. I understand both sides, and think that the PGA TOUR has no other option than to proceed to the Supreme Court.
It's the only way that the decision will be made by someone other than the Commish or a vote of the players. Either of those options would crucify someone if it came out against Casey. Pass it off to the Court, let them be the good guy/ bad guy. If Casey wins, smile, shake his hand and never speak of it again, ever. If Casey loses, let the spin doctors shade the blame to the American Judicial System.
It's too bad, but I think it's the only way. Justice will prevail.

MEGUSTAGOLF - I'm sure their sudden attack of 'talking out of both sides of mouth' syndrome was brought about by their desire not to appear to be attacking a handicapped individual all the while maintaining the 'strict integrity of the game'.
As for me, I think that if you got the game, you should be allowed to play. They should only allow a cart when the ability to walk is in question. Ergo, no cart for Fred Couples and his bad back but there should have been a cart for Jose Marie Olazabal and his bad foot.
And no cart for Ford Olinger. Not because he can't walk but because he can't play.

GUMBYRETURNS - I think it was interesting to hear the players at Kapalua saying that the Tour should be allowed to keep carts out and yet every one of them said they support Casey and that he should be allowed to ride.
I wonder if the Tours position on this would change if Tiger where suddenly in need of a cart to play.
DBLEBOGIE - The PGA made its decision years ago,when they would not allow Ben Hogan to ride.If he couldn't ride,then I think noone should ride.
SHARP68 - I think that the PGA has done a great job and it shouldn't let any one use a cart. If you let one use it, let them all use it and then it is fair for all. The people on Caseys side need to under stand that there are rules to go by and the rule is the rule. It proply is not far but it has to stand.
ED323 - I think he should be able to ride in a cart. Really, what difference does it make? I would like to see the best golfers, whether they are riding or walking. I think the choice should be left up to the individual golfers.
FLYBOY42There's no doubt whatsoever he has some advantage when the temps get up into the high 90s+++. However, I have no problem with him, or anyone else with enough game to be out there, having a cart if it's necessitated by a physical disability, or a temp injury. This guy has a very short window to compete at this level and I'd hate to see anything happen that would kill his dream earlier than it's going to end anyhow.
I believe, that regardless of who wins in court, he'll keep his cart privilege. Think the PGA would get crucified by the general public if they win and don't make an exception for him. On that basis, they've made their point and can now decide future similar issues themselves, rather than having the courts intervene.

What do you think about the case? Should Casey get to ride or does the PGA Tour have the right to set its own rules of competition?
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