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Amateurs Get a Shot - with Strokes - at Pros

In a new kind of reality TV, for the first time ever, viewers will be able to witness firsthand the riveting drama of an amateur competing head-to-head for $100,000 against a famous professional ' Lee Trevino or John Daly ' live, on primetime television. This unprecedented, entirely new and unique sports competition, Best Westerns People vs. the Pros at Lake Las Vegas, will air on Monday, June 2 from 8-11 PM ET on The Golf Channel.
All amateurs wonder how well they might compete against the best in the world. Because of its handicap system, golf is the only sport that can pit the common man in head-to-head competition against a top professional ' a human drama that transcends golf. On June 2, two amateur golfers will have the chance to test themselves and their game against Trevino or Daly. Each winner will receive $100,000; runners-up will collect $50,000.
With the tremendous popularity of golf, both from a playing and viewing perspective, this event is an ideal opportunity to leverage our position with an audience that travels frequently, explains Tom Higgins, president and CEO, Best Western International. We have hotels that appeal to everyone from the weekend hacker to the par golfer.
The two amateur players will be chosen from the Best Westerns People vs. the Pros at Lake Las Vegas sweepstakes or bidding auction - now completed - followed by a qualifying playoff. The drawing to select 30 amateur golfers under age 50 and 30 amateur golfers age 50 or older was held on April 15.