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Baddeley Reacts to Parrys Criticism

19-year old Australian rookie Aaron Baddeley fired back at veteren player Craig Parry Wednesday after Parry criticized him for predicting a win at this week's Ford Open.
'To come out at the start of the week and say you're going to win - well, you're here to win, but you know you can only put yourself in a good position to win and then you go out and complete it. I think he's put a bit too much pressure on himself' Parry said Tuesday.
Baddeley repeated his prediction Wednesday that he would win this week's event in Adelaide. 'I don't see the point in turning up second, I've always been like that, I will always be like that,' Baddeley said.
'Tiger (Woods) says it, other guys, David Duval says it, there is no reason why I can't say it and my expectations are higher than anyone can put on me.'