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Els Weighs in on Sorenstams Bid

VIRGINIA WATER, England (AP) -- Ernie Els says Annika Srenstam is wrong if she expects to impress the men when she plays in the PGA Tour's Bank of America Colonial in Fort Worth this week.
'You have a girl that's so much better than the rest of the girls, if she wants to prove it to herself, I'm all for it,' the South African said Wednesday. 'But if she wants to prove something to us, I think she's making a mistake.'
Els, the hottest player in golf at the start of the year until a wrist injury halted his schedule, is beginning a comeback at this week's Volvo PGA Championship at Wentworth.
Els, who hopes to watch some of the Bank of America Colonial on television, said Srenstam will feel she has failed if she doesn't make the halfway cut.
'We are all very competitive, if you're a lady or a man,' he said. 'Your first challenge will be to make the cut and if you don't make it, I think you fail. Otherwise, why enter?'
Els said Srenstam's chances could be dictated by the weather.
'If it's really blowing and it's playing firm, I think she'll have a very tough time to make the cut,' Els said.
'But if it's soft, it makes it longer but at least the greens get softer and a little bit slower for her. She can hit longer irons and stop the ball.
'I think she has a good chance. She's chosen a course where she has the best chance of making the cut. It's going to be tough for her to really prove anything in her first event.'
Meanwhile, Ken Schofield, executive director of the European Tour, reiterated his opposition to any women playing in a men's event on his Tour.
'My personal opinion is this would not be in the interests of our Tour, the Ladies' Tour or the individual,' he said.
'Our constitution is similar to the rules the Royal & Ancient have for the (British) Open. This Tour is for male professionals just as the Ladies' Tour is for women.
'But there is also the issue of legality and who knows what would happen there? If European law dictates ladies can play in men's events and men in ladies' tournaments then you have to be law abiding.'
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