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Golf Not to be Included in 2004 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee announced Wednesday that no new sports would be added for the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, Greece. Several of golf's heavy-hitters including Tiger Woods and Greg Norman had voiced their support for including golf in the 2004 games.
IOC sports director Gilbert Felli said the decision to reject new sports for Athens was based on the need to control costs and the growing number of athletes. Felli also cited delays that have palgued the city of Athens.
'We need to organize the games with the sports we have in Athens,' Felli said. 'We have difficulties there.'
The IOC did say the decision was only for the 2004 games. That will keep the hopes alive for those wanting to get golf into the mix in 2008.
Golf was excluded along with water skiing and ballroom dancing which had also lobbied for the 2004 Games.