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Journey Through Q-School Continues

Sixty-nine golfers hoping to compete on next year's PGA Tour successfully advanced to the final stage of Qualifying School on Saturday. At three locations throughout the central U.S., these players made good to secure their position in the final stage, which will be held at PGA West in LaQuinta, Calif.
They are listed, by event site, as follows:
Colonial Country Club, Jackson, Miss.:
Twenty-three advance, finishing in this order-Perry Moss, Brad Fabel, Casey Martin, Mike Sposa, Fred Wadsworth, Lee Rinker, Mike Heinen, Brian Wilson, Willie Wood, Joe Meade, Mike Schuchart, Tim O'Neal, Lee Porter, David Morland IV, Bobby Cochran, Heath Slocum, Jamie Rogers, Kelly Gibson, Robert Gaus, David Gossett, Mark Walker, Jamie Neher, Dicky Pride, Lee Murrah and Gary Christian.
Deerwood Golf Club, Kingwood, Tex.:
Twenty-three advance, finishing in this order-Bo Van Pelt, Todd Barranger, Jim Estes, Brian Bateman, Brenden Pappas, Stephen Allan, Jody Bellflower, Omar Uresti, Gary Webb, Cliff Kresge, David McKenzie, Brian Claar, Jonathan Byrd, Steve Gotsche, Kevin Pendley, Jeff Klein, Frank Nobilo, Paul Claxton, Rob Bradley, Chad Campbell, Rocky Walcher, Billy Judah and Ronnie Black.
Stonebridge Country Club, McKinney, Tex.:
Twenty-three advance, finishing in this order-Brent Schwarzrock, Slade Adams, Michael Long, Bud Still, Esteban Isasi, Richard Coughlan, Sean Quinlivan, Garrett Willis, Jason Hill, Brad Klapprott, Hunter Haas, Bobby Elliott, Rod Pampling, Andrew McLardy, Kevin Muncrief, Jason Knutzon, Angel Franco, Richard Backwell, D.A. Points, Ryan Vermeer, Scott Hebert, Oscar Serna and Anthony Rodriguez.
The remaining sessions of stage two qualifying will be conducted Nov. 14-17 at Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, Calif., Bear Lakes in West Palm Beach, Fla. and Oak Valley Golf Club in Beaumont, Calif. The golfers who advance from these locations will join the above players at PGA West later in the month.