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Lefties Lag in New Clubs Says Flesch

New clubs are made almost exclusively for right-handers, says Steve Flesch, and left-handers must wait to see if they will sell.
It takes about six months for a manufacturer to see if a club's right-handed version will lead to a left-handed version. 'And understandably so,' said Flesch.
'They make the right-handed version first, then they decide if they will make it lefty. Because there is not a market for it, especially a high-end club that is built for better-ball strikers that has less spin and high launch. The general public cannot hit clubs like that.
'Just to make them is $100,000 for the molds. By the time you do the castings, that is a lot to dedicate to a club which only one guy might use. To make one set is expensive clubs.'
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