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LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Gets Support

Two national golf organizations - the PGA TOUR and PGA of America - have announced financial support for LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, a developmental junior golf program that encourages girls, ages 7-17, to learn to play golf, build friendships and sample competition in a positive and supportive learning environment. It is the only national developmental golf program available for young girls.
The PGA of America and the PGA Tour have each pledged $75,000 to the program during the next three years. More than 3,000 girls participate in LPGA-USGA Girls Golf at nearly 130 sites around the United States. To increase the number of girls involved, the program has also expanded to include other organizations that target young girls such as Girl Scouts USA, YWCA and others.
'This program teaches the game of golf in a positive environment while allowing young people to experience competition and build friendships at the same time,' said PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Jim Awtrey. 'Our more than 28,000 men and women professionals are committed to growing the game, and programs such as LPGA-USGA Girls Golf help all of us accomplish this mission. We are delighted to join the PGA TOUR in support of this partnership between the LPGA and USGA.'
LPGA-USGA Girls Golf provides access to the golf course, equipment and quality instruction for young girls, which are the three important elements of learning the game.
'The PGA Tour has worked closely with the LPGA, USGA and PGA of America on a variety of initiatives designed to grow the interest and participation in golf, including the World Golf Foundation's GOLF 20/20 initiative,' said PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem. 'LPGA-USGA Girls Golf is a wonderful example of this cooperative effort that successfully is introducing golf and its
intrinsic values to young girls throughout the country. The PGA TOUR is pleased to provide financial support with the PGA of America to help continue the growth and success of this program.'
LPGA-USGA Girls Golf is aimed at increasing the number and diversity of girls who have the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf in a fun and stimulating environment. Each site is operated on a local level with professional instruction, USGA and parent volunteers.
'We are pleased to receive the generous grant support from the PGA TOUR and PGA of America for their commitment to the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program during the next three years,' said LPGA Commissioner Ty M. Votaw. 'The program has unlimited possibilities and these funds will go toward matching grants for establishing more sites and getting as many girls as possible introduced to golf.
'This combined support will enable the LPGA-USGA Girlsolf program to carry on the momentum enjoyed during the previous 12 months during which the number of sites and participants grew by nearly 50 percent. With the support of organizations like the PGA of America and PGA TOUR, we can affect change, enhance our growth goals for the program and grow girls golf throughout the United States.'