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Mickelson Says Tigers the Longest Off the Tee

In the debate as to whos the longest driver of the golf ball on the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson says its no contest.
Tiger is as long as he wants to be, said Mickelson, who is averaging 280.3 yards off the tee this year (T45 on Tour).
Mickelson says theres a reason Woods is currently in 11th place in driving distance at 287.4 yards per pop.
He plays a short shaft. His driver is shorter steel, said Mickelson. When he goes on the launch monitor at Titleist and he gets a graphite-shafted driver thats a bit longer, he picks up 20 miles per hour of ball speed.
If he went to a 46- or 48-inch driver, graphite-shafted, what-have-you, he can hit it as far as those guys, and he hits it straight. But he chooses not to.
Now with that being said, the length he chooses to hit it at right now I think is pretty comparable to where Im at. But if he ever chooses to blow one by me, well, so be it.
John Daly currently leads the driving distance category, averaging 303.7 yards per strike.
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