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Mickelson Wears Label Uneasily

Hes won plenty of Tucsons and San Diegos, won his share of Bay Hills and Memorials and Tour Championships. But Phil Mickelson still carries one label rather uneasily ' The Man Without a Major. It is a label, he confesses, he thought he would have erased long before now.
I felt that after winning a tournament coming out of college, I thought things like that would happen quickly, he said at the PGA Championship. It has taken a lot more time than I had anticipated. I believe my time will come, and I believe that this week is a nice place to start.
Until that happens, he still has the label. And its a fair label ' Best Player Without a Major.
I dont think its unfair at all, he said. I think when I win one, people are not going to look at me any differently. I feel as though the way Ive played over the past 10 years, and the tournaments Ive done well in, show the style of player I am. And a win in one tournament really isnt going to change that perception.
It would mean a lot to finally break through and win a major, just to prove to myself that it can be done, and all the hard work Ive put into my game in trying to refine it and minimize the misses and play smarter on difficult courses is finally paying off.
But I dont think its an unfair label. In fact, its a very complimentary label if you think about it, because to be the best out of all those good players who have not (won) is a compliment.
This week, Mickelson will go about his business yet again. He hopes to win, of course. But should he not, how satisfying would it be once again having a chance, but just not quite getting the job done?
If I were to not win, then what I have been working on, I will not abandon ' I feel Ive been very close. But I wont be as successful as I was hoping.

I feel like the last year-and-a-half, I have been able to refine my game to a point where I should be able to contend week-in and week-out, and where I should be able to win the toughest tournaments because they should be the best opportunities for me to win. This week, the U.S. Open, the Masters and the British Open should be the easiest tournaments for me to win, because right now my misses have been minimized and the penalty for a mis-hit shot is so severe that it should make it more difficult for other players. And it should give me the opportunity to come out on top.
But Ive worked very hard with Rick (Smith) and Ive even more minimized my mistakes, and I feel as though this golf course is set up for me to do that.
One thing that has helped eliminate those mistakes is visualizing the shot before he actually hits it, something Mickelson has tried very hard to do this year. He sees good happening to the shot instead of bad. If he were to visualize something bad, it undoubtedly would lead to a bad shot. If he thought about the ball landing in a water hazard, that would undoubtedly happen.
Mickelson is a father now, and a second child will be born to him and Amy in October. Amy and I have worked together more as a team to keep out family together, and to allow my schedule and my practice to even be increased.
Its different now that weve had children. Amy has had to work really hard to travel with the 1-year-old, and now that she is pregnant, its been difficult as well. We try very hard to be able to travel together, be together and stay together. So when I get done today, Ill be able to be with my wife and family. Its not easy to do, but she has been able to allow me to set the schedule I would like, and to practice as much as I like. And, were still able to stay together.